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Minabo – A walk through life: The Social Simulation Turnip Game, Releases in April

DevilishGames and Selecta Play are pleased to announce their latest social simulation game, Minabo – A walk through life, is launching next month.

With over two decades of experience in crafting games for various platforms, DevilishGames is an independent video game developer hailing from Spain. Their repertoire boasts more than 150 titles, providing entertainment to a staggering 100 million players worldwide. The most notable projects in their portfolio include Path to Mnemosyne, Onirike, and King Lucas. Now, after originally announcing the game will release in 2022, Minabo – A walk through life seems to be the most anticipated title yet.

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What is Minabo – A walk through life?

Minabo – A walk through life is a delightful indie game that immerses players in the life cycle of a turnip, from its early stages to its inevitable end. Through interactions with other turnips and the environment, players can cultivate their own turnip, make friends, start a family, and even care for pets in a series of quick playthroughs.

As players progress through the stages of life, they will face challenging decisions about their social interactions. Will they choose to marry and have children, or will they opt to remain single and care for their aging parents? Minabo – A walk through life offers a poignant metaphor for life’s journey, with all its joys and difficulties.

The game features charming visuals and endearing characters suitable for all ages, as well as 25 quests that explore life-changing moments, inspired by the input of counselling psychologists involved in the game’s development. Players can even replay the game in Free Life Mode to change their path and share their life story on social media.

You can check out the key features below:

  • Every life is randomly generated, so no two lives are the same.
  • Explore realistic interpersonal relationships and build your social circle.
  • Surround yourself with turnips and radish-pets.
  • Stunning visuals for all audiences.
  • Charming characters with animations and seasonal backgrounds.
  • Simple controls and plenty of accessibility options.
  • Restart any life to change the past.
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Release Date and Price

Minabo – A walk through life, the social simulation game about life, will launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via Steam on April 28, 2023. Players can wishlist the game on all platforms now.

DevilishGames has just announced that the game will be available for €13,49/US$13,49/£13,49 during its first week of release, a discount from the regular price of €14.99/US$14.99/£14.99.

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