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EA Sports FC 24: File Size and Preload Information

Players eagerly awaiting the new EA Sports FC 24 can now start preloading the game before the official release.

Preloading lets you download the game before its official release, so you can jump right into the action as soon as it’s live. If you are someone with slower internet, knowing the file size for the game is also important.

How to Preload EA Sports FC 24 for PlayStation

If you’ve preordered the ultimate edition of EA Sports FC 24, you can start preloading the game right now. First things first, check that you’ve got enough storage space; you’ll need 45-48GB to fit the game on your console.

Getting the preload set up is simple. Head over to your “Games Library” on your PlayStation console and find EA Sports FC 24. To make sure everything downloads automatically, tick the checkbox next to the content.

Don’t want to wait for the auto-download? No problem! You can kickstart the process yourself. Simply follow the steps I just mentioned and instead of waiting, click “Download Now.” This way, you’re all set to dive into the game the moment it officially releases.

How to Preload EA Sports FC 24 for Xbox

If you preordered EA Sports FC 24 on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, you can download the game now. You can’t play until the game officially releases, but preloading helps you avoid server issues at midnight and lets you start playing right away. The file size ranges from 41 to 45 GB, so ensure you clear enough storage space.

Go to your games and apps or the EA Sports FC 24 page on the Microsoft Store to manage the installation. Click “Start” over the game and pick either “manage installation” or “download now.” If you haven’t bought EA FC 24 yet, the game will start downloading automatically after you buy it.

How to Preload EA Sports FC 24 for PC

If you’re a PC gamer eager to play EA Sports FC 24, you have two main options for preloading the game: using Steam or the Epic Games Store. If you pick Steam, it’s straightforward, just open your game library, locate EA Sports FC 24, and hit the big “Preload” button that shows up where you usually see the “Download” or “Play” options. That starts the preload process immediately; no extra steps are required. Steam states the file size requires 100 GB of available space.

On the other hand, if you go with the Epic Games Store, you’ll need to do a bit more. First, log into the EA App. Once you’re in, navigate to your games library. There, you’ll find EA Sports FC 24 listed. Click either the “Download” or “Install” button that appears, and that will kick off your preload. This way, you’ll be all set to jump into the game as soon as it releases. To download the game on the Epic Games Store, you’ll need 100 GB of available space.

How to Preload EA Sports FC 24 for Switch

If you plan to play EA Sports FC 24 on Nintendo Switch, you can now preload the game. According to the Nintendo website, preordering includes the ability to preload. Make sure to clear at least 28.3 GB of space on your console, because that’s how big the game file will be.

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