EA FC 24 Web App

EA FC 24 Companion Web App Details and Features

Players who like to manage their EA FC 24 team away from their devices can now do so using the companion web app.

You don’t need to be close to your console or PC to control your ultimate team. With EA FC 24 Companion Web App, you can manage the team and make various changes from any location in the world.

EA FC 24 Web App Details

The web app lets you handle all things related to your FUT Club. From the web, you can engage in the Transfer Market, style your FUT Stadium, join new FUT Events, and more. All these features are just a click away.

You can access it here

EA FC Mobile App Details

Our mobile app brings the complete FUT experience to your fingertips. You can customize your stadium, complete Squad Building Challenges, and stay updated on weekly competitions. You can even choose sides in the latest FUT Events and keep track of the community’s progress.

The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have the mobile app named as: EA SPORTS™ FC 24 Companion. Avoid any other apps that suggest they can do this functionality as they could be scams trying to compromise your FUT account.

EA FC 24 Web App

EA Sports FC App Features

Style Your Stadium

You can change everything about your stadium; Pick your walkout music, set up pyrotechnics, and choose your goal celebrations. Make your home ground reflect your style and show off your achievements.

Secure the Latest Rewards Through SBCs

Complete Squad Building Challenges right in the app; Trade spare players and unlock new ones, packs, or customization options.

Select a Side in the Latest Events

Join new FUT Events and choose a side; Compete against others or work together to unlock rewards for everyone. Keep track of the community’s progress easily.

Stay on Top of Your Weekly Competitions

Get your rewards for Champions, Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Events. There is no need to log into your console as you can claim them directly from the app.

Sign Your Next Star

Use the Transfer Market on the go to buy and sell players anytime, anywhere. Upgrade your team without needing to be at your console.

Share Your Squad

Want your friends to see your ultimate team? Use the share function to show off your squad on mobile and web.

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