EA FC 24 Evolution: Trailblazer Striker

EA FC 24: Trailblazer Striker Evolutions Upgrade – Best players to Choose

We take a look at how to transform your favorite striker in EA FC 24 with the Trailblazer Striker Evolution Upgrade.

Enhance your team with the Trailblazer Striker Evolution, where you can add 3 playstyles and up to +11 overall to your striker. Dive into our curated list of the top 20 strikers ready for an upgrade in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Trailblazer Striker Evolution
EA FC 24 Evolution: Trailblazer Striker

What are Trailblazer Striker Evolutions?

In EA FC 24, Trailblazer Striker Evolutions offers players the chance to upgrade a striker card by +11 OVR. These evolutions are a major hit in the Ultimate Team mode, allowing players to enhance their favorite cards drastically. By playing matches and completing challenges, you can transform a modest striker into a top-tier player.

To get started with a Trailblazer Striker Evolution, you’ll need either 50,000 coins or 1,000 FC Points. Before you can evolve your striker, they must fit within specific parameters. Not every striker in the game qualifies for the Trailblazer Striker Evolutions. Here are the criteria your chosen player must meet:

  • Overall: No higher than 75
  • Pace: No higher than 85
  • Shooting: No higher than 75
  • Dribbling: No higher than 79
  • Physical: No higher than 80
  • PlayStyles: No more than 7
  • Position: Must be ST (Striker)

Level 1 Challenges

To start the evolution process, you need to:

  • Win 6 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, with your chosen EVO player in the game.
  • Score 4 goals in these modes using the EVO player.


  • Pace: +3
  • Shooting: +3
  • Passing: +5
  • PlayStyle bonus: Power Header

Level 2 Challenges

The second set of EA FC 24 challenges requires you to:

  • Win another 6 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on Semi-Pro or higher, with the EVO player actively participating.
  • Score 6 goals with your EVO player in these matches.


  • Pace: +3
  • Shooting: +5
  • Passing: +5
  • Physical: +5
  • PlayStyle bonus: Chip Shot

Level 3 Challenges

To reach the final evolution level, you must:

  • Win 6 more Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on Semi-Pro or above with your EVO player in your squad.
  • Score another 6 goals with the EVO player in these games.


  • Shooting: +5
  • Dribbling: +10
  • Physical: +5
  • PlayStyle bonus: Finesse Shot
EA FC 24 Evolution: Trailblazer Striker Examples
EA FC 24 Evolution: Trailblazer Striker Examples

Top 20 Eligible EA FC 24 Players for the Trailblazer Striker Evolutions Upgrade

N. KrstovićSTLecce75
LázaroLM RM STAlmería75
A. VelizSTTottenham Hotspur75
JutglàSTClub Brugge75
B. ŠeškoSTRB Leipzig75
H. EkitikeSTParis Saint Germain75
A. BrojaSTChelsea75
B. RollheiserRM STEstudiantes75
T. DallingaSTToulouse75
T. ČvančaraST RWBorussia Mönchengladbach75
Iván JaimeLM CAM STPorto75
Jovane CabralLM CF STSalernitana75
M. MerentielSTBoca Juniors75
E. DennisST LWİstanbul Başakşehir75
J. MatetaSTCrystal Palace75
Borja MayoralST RM LMGetafe75
C. LarinSTMallorca75
D. SolankeSTAFC Bournemouth75
E. GyasiRM ST LWEmpoli75
KenedyLM RM STReal Valladolid75

These are all the best players eligible for the Trailblazer Striker Upgrade Evolution in EA FC 24Make sure you check out our EA FC 24 Hub for more guides and information on the game.