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Social Survival Game, Dread Hunger, Leaves Early Access Later This Year

Developed by Dread Hunger Team and published by Digital Confectioners, Dread Hunger, the multiplayer roleplaying game of survival and betrayal, will leave early access this fall.

Dread Hunger is best described as a social survival title all about betrayal. It released onto Steam early access back in April. Since then it has amassed an impressive 87% positive review score across just under 800 players. The game will be launching out of early access later this year, with the full release bringing final versions of maps, characters and gameplay updates. Additionally, right now, a brand new update titled “The Great Hunt” has just launched. It brings with it a new map, character, weapon and enemy to the already packed title. The Creative Director over at the Dread Hunger Team, Alex Quick, spoke about the game’s “loyal community”.

“It has been deeply gratifying to see a loyal community spring up around Dread Hunger and throw themselves into everything from discovering new metas, to just goofing around and pretending to be old timey priests […] We’ve been listening closely to the community’s feedback as we move through Early Access, and I think the game is so much better for it!”

Alex Quick ~ Dread Hunger Team

What Is Dread Hunger?

Dread Hunger is an immersive social survival game. To make an obvious parallel, it would seem its closest comparison would be The Long Dark meets Among Us. You must contend with the wilderness, ferocious animals and your ever-increasing hunger all while trying to get your boat to its destination. Unfortunately for some of you, two members of your group are thralls, and their only mission is to backstab you. There is a multitude of ways to play, survive and backstab in Dread Hunger, as well as roleplay. Here is some of what you can expect when Dread Hunger launches this Fall:

  • Betray your fellow friends’ endevours as a coniving thrall, or attempt to get your boat to its destination without dying as an explorer
  • Attempt to survive as your supplies dwindle and the howling wolves get hungry
  • Roleplay as your character by using the intergrated voice chat and in-game actions
  • Each character has their own unique starting kit and passive ability, so choose the character that best fits your playstyle
  • Adventure into the dangerous wilderness ensuring to plan for the trecherous perils that come between you and your mission
Dread Hunger - Gameplay
Image Credit – Dread Hunger Team

Release Date & Price

Dread Hunger will leave Steam early access this fall. While there is no word on the full price yet, the developers have confirmed that it will increase once it has left early access. Currently, the game sits at $24.99/£19.49. The developers have also confirmed that they are “exploring options to bring the game to other platforms.”

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