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Dragonborne Ports From Gameboy To Steam Today

Dragonborne, the epic RPG adventure game by Spacebot Interactive, that originally released on Game Boy, has finally launched on Steam today!

Releasing on Game Boy a few months ago, Dragonborne saw to bring players the sweet nostalgia of their childhoods, and evoke within them the spirit of video games of old! Blending gameplay from classic titles such as The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Pokémon, and Dragon Warrior, Dragonborne is a modern attempt at creating a Game Boy classic. Well, if you sold your Game Boy a long time ago, or can’t find it amongst all the other junk from your childhood, then worry no more! Dragonborne has finally come to Steam for all to enjoy!

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What Is Dragonborne?

Dragonborne is an RPG that harkens back to the Game Boy classics. It features all your classic gameplay mechanics while refining them to make for an enjoyable modernised classic experience. Players will take on the role of Kris, who must explore Argon to find his missing father Kurtis! If you buy Dragonborne, here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Explore the expansive region of Argon
  • Experience exciting turn-based battles
  • Engage in various mini-quests
  • Encounter quizzical puzzles
  • Eradicate electrifying enemies of all shapes and sizes
  • Evolve your character with multiple weapon and armour upgrades
  • Enjoy an enthralling 10-hour adventure
  • Enrapture yourself in Dragonborne’s multiple endings
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Image Credit – Spacebot Interactive

Release Date & Price

Dragonborne is available right now over on Steam, and can be purchased for £12/$15.99/€13.29! If you fancy buying yourself a physical copy, then look no further, as the Game Boy version can still be purchased over on Spacebot Interactive’s website for £42. You’ll get the original box and manual, and it’s compatible with all Game Boys, Game Boy Colors, and Game Boy Advances!

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