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Does the New Zealand Trick Work for Call of Duty: MW3?

Call of Duty: MW3 is releasing soon, and many are curious if they can use the New Zealand trick to play it sooner.

Using the New Zealand method allows players to get into a game much sooner than others by changing their console’s region to New Zealand. As game release styles vary, if a title does a local release, New Zealand is ahead of the rest of the world and gets to play first. Therefore, players in North America who use the trick can play much earlier than their peers. As it is a case-by-case basis, fans want to know if it works for Call of Duty: MW3. Below are the details on whether or not the trick applies to the game.

Does the New Zealand Trick Work for Call of Duty: MW3?

Yes, the New Zealand trick does work for Call of Duty: MW3, as the game is releasing at midnight local time across the world. Therefore, players wanting to hop in early can change their region zone to New Zealand and start the game before others.

PC players, unfortunately, cannot do the trick as it is a fixed time for that platform. Players on PlayStation can do the trick, but they must have a New Zealand account and purchase the game digitally from that PlayStation Store region to utilize the trick. Xbox owners, however, can change their console settings to fit the New Zealand region by going to Language and Location in their System settings and changing it there.

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Call of Duty: MW3 Launch Times

Call of Duty: MW3 releases worldwide on November 9 at 9PM PST for PC players. However, on consoles, it is a different situation. Outside of North America, the game is releasing at midnight local time for each region. But for players in North America, the game is releasing on November 9 at 9 PM PST/10 PM MST/11 PM CST and on November 10 at 12AM EST.

That is all of the info on the New Zealand trick for Call of Duty: MW3 as well as when it launches. Anyone curious about the game can check out our Game Guide Hub here for more details.

  1. You just go to and change your region on there to play early that’s what I did and it works
    As of this post you don’t need to because it’s out everywhere but next time just change your country to new Zealand

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