Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Vanellope Von Schweetz

The first ever Wreck-It-Ralph character has made their way into Disney Dreamlight Valley; Vanellope Von Schweetz.

The new DreamSnaps update not only introduces the famous sugar rush racer into the game but also a much-needed upgrade to the game. Bug fixes, camera fixes, and a wonderful visual upgrade that brings even more magic into the valley.

It’s the perfect update to add Vanellope Von Schweetz into Disney Dreamlight Valley, so here’s how to unlock Vanellope Von Schweetz.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - In-game Screenshot of Vanellope Von Schweetz
In-game Screenshot

1. Speak to Scrooge McDuck

As you load into the new and improved valley, a new quest with Scrooge has been unlocked.

After speaking with him, he’ll mention that he believes he saw a ghost in the castle, right next to the fountain at the top of the stairs.

He asks you to investigate the area and uncover what’s going on.

2. Find the Ghost and Speak to it

Walking up the stairs, you find the one and only ghost next to the fountain. Vanellope Von Schweetz is the culprit, and she’s most definitely not a ghost, but a glitch.

As you speak to her, she explains that she’s having trouble with her glitching, and phones happen to be involved with it; she needs your help.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - In-game Screenshot of Vanellope Von Schweetz 2
In-game Screenshot

3. Upload a DreamSnap

To help Vanellope you need to take part in the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update. This can be done by simply opening up your event tab and finding the new section named DreamSnaps.

You’ll find the event requires certain criteria to achieve the DreamSnap you need. This means you must place particular props in order to populate the background of your picture.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - In-game Screenshot of Dreamsnap

As you place these props, there is also a new filtering mode that helps you place the correct furniture. Toggling this on will make it much easier.

After placing the items, snap your photo and upload it to DreamSnaps. You’ll know if you have met the criteria by pressing the DreamSnaps button on the left. An indication on your photo in the top left will appear telling you if you have.

4. Speak to Vanellope

After successfully uploading the DreamSnap, speak to Vanellope back at the castle. She’ll mention how this is the best version of the valley in the Valleyverse and that she wants to stay here.

Now you’ll be prompted to give her a home.

See Dreamsnaps indication in the top left of the image frame – In-game Screenshot

5. Place Vanellope’s Home

Similar to the rest of the characters, you’ll need to place Vanellope’s home for her to join you in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Her home costs 4000 coins, which luckily is cheaper than some of the other homes that have been placed.

Her candy-fied small castle is tall and takes up a decent amount of space. Finding a spacious area will benefit how her home fits into your valley.

In-game Screenshot

And that’s how you introduce the famous Vanellope Von Schweetz into Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Her vibrant colours and energy will bring a new fun and exciting atmosphere into your valley. So, you better add her to your valley as quickly as you can to experience her candy greatness. We can’t wait to see what characters get added to the game next!