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Cute Farming Sim, Bit Orchard: Animal Valley, Launching Later This Week

Developer 2Boone Games and publisher RedDeer.Games have announced that the farming sim, Bit Orchard: Animal Valley is coming to consoles later this week.

Solo developer 2Boone Games released their debut title, Bit Orchard, onto Steam back in May 2021. Since then, they’ve been working on porting the title to consoles. Finally, with the help of veteran indie publisher, RedDeer.Games, the launch of the renamed Bit Orchard: Animal Valley is imminent. For fans of farming sims and cute Gameboy-esque visuals, this is absolutely one to keep your eye on.

Check out the game’s launch trailer here.

What Is Bit Orchard: Animal Valley?

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley is a simple yet cute farming sim with Gameboy-style visuals and a chiptune soundtrack. It is your job to manage your brand-new – albeit slightly run-down – orchard. By ensuring it doesn’t fall into disrepair and that the crows don’t eat your produce you’ll eventually have your hands on a super successful apple orchard – how fun! On top of sorting out your orchard, you’ll also get the chance to fish and visit a local town to buy new accessories to spruce things up. Here is some of what you can expect when it launches later this week:

  • Relive your childhood memories by immersing yourself in the game’s Gameboy-style visuals
  • Complete simple tasks to keep your orchard running
  • Engage in mini-games such as fishing
  • Upgrade your house and orchard
  • Pet a cute rabbit
  • Listen to the upbeat chiptune soundtrack as you play
Image Credit – 2Boone Games

Release Date & Price

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley is launching for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on April 22nd. While no price point has been given yet, over on Steam the game costs $8.99/£6.19.

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