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Cuisineer, The Food-Based Roguelite, Will Have A Demo At Steam Next Fest

Marvelous Europe and BattleBrew are happy to announce that a demo for their food-based action roguelike, Cuisineer, will release at Steam Next Fest.

Marvelous, the publishers of Cuisineer, are veterans of indie games of all kinds. They have published numerous indie games such as Story of Seasons, Sakuna: Of Rice And Ruin, and Rune Factory 6.

BattleBrew developed Battlesky Brigade, a mobile RTS for iOS and Android, but Cuisineer looks to be their first venture onto Steam, as well as their first collaboration with Marvelous.

In-Game Screenshot, XSEED Games

What is Cuisineer?

Cuisineer is a roguelike unlike any other. The main focus of the game is around food. Players take on the role of Pom, as she returns to her home of Paell and finds her family restaurant shuttered and in debt. The adventure picks up with Pom gathering different ingredients from the world outside Paell.

Pom is prepared, however, as she is armed against different unique enemies such as giant chickens, peppers that breathe fire, and shrimp that fire artillery. Aiding Pom in her journey is her diverse weapon selection of kitchen utensils. The adventure will see players needing to utilize all of Pom’s abilities and skills to expand the restaurant’s ingredients and turn it into a legacy to be proud of.

Here’s what you can expect from Cuisineer:

  • Four unique biomes for Pom to conquer on her journey to acquire ingredients. From icy caves to swampland.
  • Procedurally generated layouts for each biome, with new enemy camps and rewards each time.
  • Quirky and zany enemies based on different foods.
  • Fast-based action with fun weapons to use.

Cuisineer Release Date, Price, and Demo Details

Cuisineer is releasing on Steam in the Summer of 2023. The game is available on the wishlist now on Steam.

A PC demo for Cuisineer is available as of June 19, 2023, as part of Steam Next Fest. The demo will showcase different biomes featured in the full game.


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