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Rogue Spirit Releases After Over A Year in Early Access

Publisher 505 Games and developer Kids With Sticks are pleased to announce that their indie roguelite, Rogue Spirit, is leaving Early Access for a full release.

Kids With Sticks are a small team of veterans with experience working on triple-A games like The Witcher 2, Dying Light, and Hellraid: The Escape. 505 Games, the publisher behind the game, are known for titles such as Death Stranding (PC), Ghostrunner, and Abzu.

The Game Crater was fortunate enough to preview the game in early access. “Rogue Spirit is a flawed albeit fun roguelike. It features numerous unique mechanics such as the ability to possess your enemies dead bodies, but these do little to alleviate its various shortcomings.” Fortunately, there have been countless updates since the release, and the game has come a very long way. You can check out our full preview here.

Rogue Spirit Screenshot 1
Image Credit – Kids With Sticks

What is Rogue Spirit?

Embark on a spirited adventure in Rogue Spirit, a 3D action rogue-lite game inspired by anime. You assume the role of the Ghost of the Prince of the Kingdom of Midra and engage in a battle against the malevolent force that has tainted the land. To prevail, you must commandeer enemy characters and assimilate their distinctive abilities. With various playstyles to master, enhancing your expertise, and being able to adapt to a constantly changing world, Rogue Spirit promises an immersive experience.

You can expect the game to offer:

  • Action gameplay with stealth elements in a rogue-lite game loop.
  • 18 characters with different abilities, weapons and playstyles.
  • 10 procedurally-generated levels set in 5 different biomes.
  • Dozens of essences and skills, ensuring no two runs are the same.
  • Unlock permanent upgrades between runs to enhance your adventure.
  • Discover the legends and lore of the Kingdom of Midra.

Rogue Spirit is available to purchase on SteamEpic Games StorePS5, and Xbox Series X/S. If you purchase the game on Steam now, you can receive 20% off until March 23rd.

Rogue Spirit Screenshot 1
Image Credit – Kids With Sticks