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Co-op RTS Dwarfheim Leaves Steam Early Access Today

Publisher Merge Games and developer Pineleaf Studio have announced that the cooperative real-time strategy game, Dwarfheim is leaving Early Access today.

After nearly a year in Early Access, Dwarfheim is finally launching into version 1.0. While in Early Access, Dwarfheim has continued to grow with frequent updates and patches. Now that it is hitting version 1.0, players can expect a slew of brand new features as well as additional patches. These new features include:

  • A selection of new Thanes, each one provided with a new set of unique abilities
  • Lobby Handling for parties to remain together after a match is concluded
  • A complete Survival Overhaul with intense blood moon events featuring new enemy types
  • New survival UI 
  • New upgrade system for defenses
  • Pathfinding tools updated
Image Credit – Pineleaf Studio

You can check out the version 1.0 trailer here.

What Is Dwarfheim?

Dwarfheim is a cooperative real-time strategy game in which players must work together to defeat the enemy team. After picking a class, players must use strategy and tactics in order to break through their enemy’s defences and destroy their Town Hall. For fans of single-player strategy games, Dwarfheim also contains a single-player mode. Here is some of what you can expect in Dwarfheim:

  • Work together with up to two other players to defeat the enemy team and destroy their Town Hall in Conquest mode
  • Play through skirmishes against an AI-controlled clan in either single-player or online co-op modes
  • Attempt to outlive an onslaught of trolls in the wave based survival mode available in both single-player and online co-op modes
  • Build the perfect settlement and take a breather from all the death and destruction in the Sandbox mode
Image Credit – Pineleaf Studio

Release Date & Price

Dwarfheim leaves Early Access today and will be available for £19.99/€24.99 /$24.99. Additionally, it will be experiencing a 30% discount until the 3rd of October.

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