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ION LANDS Release Cloudpunk DLC & Announce Cyberpunk Life-Sim

ION LANDS has released a “sequel-sized” DLC for their critically acclaimed game Cloudpunk and announced a spin-off cyberpunk life-sim called Nivalis.

Cloudpunk was released back in April 2020 to critical acclaim. It scored an 8/10 from PC Gamer and 90% positive reviews on Steam. It is a story-based cyberpunk exploration game centered around a Cloudpunk driver named Rania. The developers, ION LANDS, wanted the DLC to be much bigger than the base game and to include a whole new set of features. The DLC, named City of Ghosts, includes a second playable character, street racing, and vehicle customization alongside a fully-voiced narrative that is longer than the base game. Marko Dieckmann, the Studio Head at ION LANDS, said that the team had put their “hearts and souls into this expansion”.

You can check out the trailer here.

What Is Cloudpunk: City Of Ghosts?

Players will take control of Rania and an all-new character, Hayse. The DLC takes place after the events of Cloudpunk, in which Rania has managed to anger the courier corporation Curzona. While she attempts to outrun those who wish to harm her, Hayse attempts to clear his massive debts by the end of the night. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the new features:

  • Experience a brand-new storyline that exceeds the length of the original game
  • Unlock unique endings depending on what decisions you made in both the DLC and the original story
  • Choose from five different HOVA models, each with varying stats
  • Take part in a brand-new street racing campaign
  • Explore new areas, meet a whole new cast of characters, and uncover startling mysteries across the cyberpunk cityscape
  • Enjoy an extended soundtrack with a whopping 109 minutes of new tracks
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What Is Nivalis?

Alongside the release of the City of Ghosts DLC for Cloudpunk, ION LANDS also announced a brand-new spin-off game set in the Cloudpunk universe. The new game is called Nivalis and will be a cyberpunk life-sim. Players will start off small with a basic food stall, noodle stand, or a stim store. Eventually, you’ll be able to expand and run bars, restaurants, or even a nightclub. There’s a whole slew of additional things for you to do, which I will list below:

  • Run various businesses, from small food stands to bustling nightclubs
  • Manage everything from the purchasing or growth of ingredients to the dishes and cocktails made
  • Take a break and go fishing for the day. You’ve earned it
  • Decorate your home or upgrade and purchase new properties
  • Travel on foot or in your HOVA
  • Meet the various inhabitants of Nivalis, make friends, and maybe even find love
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In-game Screenshot

Release Date & Price

City of Ghosts is available right now for $14.99/¬£12.99 with a 10% discount on its Steam store page. If you don’t own Cloudpunk, then you can pick it up for 50% off right now. Nivalis currently doesn’t have a release date, but if you head to its brand-new Steam store page, you can wishlist it and be notified when any new information drops.