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Adventure Game, Children of Silentown Coming 2022 For PC & Console

Developers Elf Games and Luna2 Studio have partnered with Daedalic Entertainment to bring the hand-drawn dark adventure game Children of Silentown to PC and consoles next year.

Children of Silentown has been around for quite some time now. A free prologue for the game was released back in 2020. Since then, it has garnered significant praise on Steam. Across its 867 reviews, it has amassed an astonishing 96% positive score. However, while the prologue has kept fans happy for some time, fans are likely wondering when the full release will launch. Fortunately, developers Elf Games and Luna2 Studio alongside the publisher Daedalic Entertainment have announced that it will be coming sometime next year for both PC and console.

Image Credit – Elf Games/Luna2 Studio

You can watch the announcement trailer here.

What Is Children Of Silentown?

Children of Silentown is an unsettling adventure game that centres around a young girl named Lucy. She resides in a small village trapped within a monster-infested forest. Missing residents has become a common occurrence for her fearful village, and yet, until now, no one has done anything about it. That is until Lucy feels the call to investigate. It’s up to the player to search the village, solve puzzles and interact with the village’s inhabitants. Here’s some of what you can expect in Children of Silentown:

  • Explore the eerie village of Silentown in search of clues
  • Combine your clues and items to uncover unexpected results
  • Meet a wonderfully colourful cast of characters, animals included. Be sure to get what you can from them before they disappear
  • Play a variety of mini-games with the other children
  • Deal with a sinister cat who’s sole aim is to mess with you at any point
  • Solve various puzzles to uncover the mystery behind Silentown
Children of Silentown - Gameplay
Image Credit – Elf Games/Luna2 Studio

Release Date & Price

Children of Silentown will release on PC and consoles in early 2022. You can play the free prologue right now on Steam. Be sure to head on over to the game’s Steam store page and wishlist it to be notified of any future updates.

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