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Call of Duty: MW3 Prestige System Explained

Call of Duty: MW3 sees the return of the Prestige system, which allows players to unlock exclusive rewards and continue leveling up. Here is how it works.

Prestige was first introduced to the Call of Duty franchise in the original Modern Warfare. It has since become a staple of the franchise, allowing fans to continue grinding levels in the Multiplayer mode. Fortunately, MW3 sees it return once more, only this time with a much-requested twist. Below, we explain exactly how to Prestige in MW3 as well as how it works.

Can You Prestige In MW3?

Yes, you can Prestige in MW3. However, you will need to wait until Prestige levels become available in Season 1, which starts in December 2023. Until then, the highest level a player can reach is 55. This level can be achieved by participating in matches, getting kills, and completing various objectives in the game.

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How to Prestige in MW3

You will automatically enter the first Prestige level when you reach level 56. In each season, including Season 1, there will be five Prestige levels, with each level containing 50 individual levels. This means that the first Prestige level ranges from the following:

Prestige LevelLevels
Prestige Level 156 to 99
Prestige Level 2100 to 149
Prestige Level 3150 to 199
Prestige Level 4200 to 249
Prestige Level 5250

A key difference between MW3’s Prestige levels and previous COD games is that you won’t lose access to your weapons and equipment when you Prestige. Instead, you will keep all of your progress and just continue to unlock additional unique Prestige rewards.

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Reaching Prestige levels offers several benefits to the players. One of the key rewards is the ability to equip and display special Prestige emblems. These emblems signify a player’s achievements and status in the game. Additionally, the game introduces additional challenges that are unique to each Prestige level. These challenges are more demanding and are designed to offer a more difficult experience for players. Successfully completing these challenges rewards players with unique items such as animated avatars, badges, calling cards, and XP.

Activision has promised to provide more information about Prestige as it gets closer to December and the season 1 kickoff. Make sure you check out our Game Hub for all our other guides and articles on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.