MW3 Gora Dam Select Screen

Call of Duty MW3: All Weapons and Equipment Locations in Gora Dam

Call of Duty: MW3 features explorable combat missions with weapons and equipment that can be found; one mission takes place at Gora Dam.

The open combat missions are a new feature added to the Call of Duty: MW3 campaign. The missions allow players to explore semi-open areas and tackle them how they choose to. Players can choose different guns and equipment for their load-outs when they start the level. Scattered throughout the areas are hidden weapons and items that can be unlocked for future playthroughs. Below, we explain where the weapons and equipment can be discovered in the Gora Dam open-combat mission.

All Weapon Crates locations in the Call of Duty: MW3 Gora Dam mission

There are 15 weapons placed throughout the Call of Duty: MW3 mission, and below is where you can find each one to unlock for your loadout in mission replays.

  1. KVD Enforcer
  2. RGL-80
  3. Silenced M-16
  4. Hybrid MTZ-556
  5. Holger 26
  6. Silenced Striker
  7. Incendiary RAAL MG
  8. MCPR-300
  9. Silenced 556 Icarus
  10. Silenced Expedite 12
  11. PILA
  12. Signal .50
  13. Silenced EBR-14
  14. Silenced Rival-9
  15. Fennec 45
Call of Duty: MW3 Gora Dam Weapon Locations
Call of Duty: MW3 Gora Dam Weapon Locations

All Equipment Crate locations in the Gora Dam Mission

Scattered throughout the mission are seven different equipment crates to find. Below is our list of where they are located.

  1. Ascender
  2. Armor Box
  3. Munitions Box
  4. Recon Drone
  5. Anti-Armor Rounds
  6. Heartbeat Sensor
  7. Snapshot Pulse
Call of Duty: MW3 Gora Dam Equipment Locations
Call of Duty: MW3 Gora Dam Equipment Locations

Those are all of the locations for both weapons and equipment to find within the Gora Dam open combat mission in the MW3 campaign. If you want to check out the locations for the Precious Cargo mission, you can view them here. Anyone wanting more details about the game can go to our Game Guide Hub here.