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Bubbly B&B Game, Bear & Breakfast, Bounding Onto Steam Today.

Developer Gummy Cat and publisher Armor Games Studios are finally releasing their long-anticipated B&B game, Bear & Breakfast, today.

A little while ago we previewed the endlessly charming management adventure game, Bear & Breakfast. We had an absolute blast and have been hotly anticipating its full launch ever since.

Fortunately for us and for its many other adoring fans, the game is out today. It is the debut game from indie developer Gummy Cat, and if you want to know all about this truly phenomenal experience, you can check out our original article here.

Image Credit – Gummy Cat

You can check out the game’s release date trailer here.

Release Date & Price

Bear & Breakfast is available right now on Steam. You can pick it up for $19.99/£15.49. Additionally, a Nintendo Switch version is in the works. According to the press release, it will be launching in “the near future”.

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