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Bright Memory Infinite: Short Lived Brilliance – PS5 Review

Bright Memory Infinite is the sequel to Bright Memory, a previously released short episodic demo that teased the potential of a complete game. Bright Memory Infinite was originally released on PC at the end of 2021 but has now come to next-gen consoles with a slew of technical upgrades and cosmetic packs. This next-gen version comes with various skins for the main character and weapons used in-game in addition to stunning 4K visuals and steady 60 frames per second gameplay. Despite some shortcomings – rather literally – Bright Memory Infinite on PlayStation 5 is by far the best way to experience this incredible indie gem.

“Bright Memory Infinite’s narrative is hilariously nonsensical, much like its predecessor.”

What will undoubtedly initially grab people’s attention about Bright Memory Infinite is its extravagant visuals. From start to finish, its photorealistic environments and characters, ingenious designs and gorgeous sense of style propel the action forward in truly dynamic ways. Let’s just say, it is no surprise it was nominated for Outstanding Visual Style at the 2021 Steam Awards. Of course, this visual splendour is only further accentuated by the hardware power of the PlayStation 5, which adds ray tracing and support for variable refresh rate. 

Unfortunately, Bright Memory Infinite’s narrative is hilariously nonsensical, much like its predecessor. You play as Shelia, a soldier working for the Supernatural Science Research Organization, sent on a mission to investigate a weird anomaly. A rival corporation wants to stop you primarily because the plot needs to continue, and it does so by deploying waves of soldiers to take you down.

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At increasingly intermittent and seemingly random points in the game, you’ll get teleported to an alternate dimension where you’ll face off against ancient soldiers and golems. While each of the set pieces are packed full of brilliantly bombastic moments that will take your breath away, they feel so haphazardly tied together that they never coherently coalesce into a comprehensible narrative. Even after finishing the entire game, I had no clue what the story was trying to tell me. It doesn’t help that Bright Memory Infinite can be completed in two hours on the highest difficulty. The short runtime all but assures that its fascinating world and characters will never be fleshed out.

“There is never a dull moment in Bright Memory Infinite.”

When it comes to gameplay, you’ll find nothing but beautifully smooth and excellently executed first-person greatness. Bright Memory Infinite is a slick and stylish first-person shooter that seamlessly blends its exciting gunplay with explosive hack and slash melee action. It features four types of guns for you to experiment with, ranging from an assault rifle and shotgun to a pistol and sniper rifle. FYQD have truly nailed the gunplay as each bullet feels crisp and impactful, with elegant reload and weapon swapping animations making the whole package feel far more immersive.

Bright Memory Infinite - Combat
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The melee gameplay is equally as enjoyable, never feeling like an afterthought or last-minute addition. In fact, melee combat is integral to the overall experience, with multiple upgrades greatly improving your ability to cut through swathes of enemies across the game. You’ll find yourself launching your enemies into the air, or slicing through them as if they were butter. These upgrades – alongside the gratuitously satisfying combos – truly shape Bright Memory Infinite into an extremely phenomenal and memorable video game.

“You’ll partake in stealth sections, take down swarms of enemies using a turret and even fly across maps with a grappling hook.”

Furthermore, despite the game’s short length, it is paced extremely well. There is never a dull moment in Bright Memory Infinite, with yet another frantic set piece hitting at just the right time whenever it feels like it’s about to dip. There is also a great variety of enemy types and bosses for you to fight against. While of course, the game’s shorter length ensures that the gameplay never gets tired, even in a longer experience, the sheer amount of boss fights and enemy variety would still keep things fresh.

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Additionally, Bright Memory Infinite is always shaking things up in terms of gameplay. You won’t always just be blasting enemies to smithereens. Instead, you’ll partake in stealth sections, take down swarms of enemies using a turret and even fly across the gorgeous maps with a grappling hook. You’ll constantly be introduced to new upgrades and weapons in a way that never felt forced, and you’ll rarely be wanting for ammo which means the action is always cranked up to 11.

“The next-gen version on consoles is the best way to experience this indie gem.”

The PC release of Bright Memory Infinite was plagued with various quality assurance issues, including localization issues and game-breaking bugs. Fortunately, since then the developer has taken the time to resolve all of these issues. On PlayStation 5, Bright Memory Infinite runs extremely smoothly and takes barely a second to load. It’s important to know that the game is developed by FYQD Studio, a one-man team from China. Frankly, it’s simply astonishing to see this level of quality from just one person.

There are further additions that have been made to the next-gen console release. For example, this new version automatically unlocks all of Shelia’s outfits and gun skins that were previously unlocked via in-game purchases. The game features a new game plus mode so those wanting to experience the game again can do so with all of their guns and abilities carried over. While the core campaign definitely ends too soon, the new game plus mode is worth revisiting, so keep that in mind when contemplating its overall length.

Bright Memory Infinite - Gameplay
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Bright Memory Infinite serves up a visual spectacle that is made all the more engaging through its unique gun and melee mechanics. The next-gen version of the game on consoles is the best way to experience this indie gem as it features ultra-fast loading times, improved frame rates, and a distinct lack of bugs. If you can get past the ridiculous narrative and short playtime, then this game is definitely worth checking out. I can’t wait to see what’s next for FYQD Studio. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a sequel to the Bright Memory franchise sometime soon.

Bright Memory Infinite is launching for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on July 21st.

*Disclaimer: Reviewed on Playstation 5. Code was provided by the Publisher.

Bright Memory Infinite - Feature Image
Bright Memory Infinite Review
If you think about it, it's an amazing feat that Bright Memory Infinite was created by only one person. The game showcases a truly satisfying hybrid of gunplay and swordplay. The next-gen version excels with fantastic 4K visuals and steady 60 frames per second, especially with DualSense support on the PlayStation 5. It's unfortunate that the game length is extremely short and the narrative is laughable.
Beautiful and crisp visuals
Smooth gunplay and satisfying swordplay
Great mix of abilities and depth of combos
Super fast loadtimes
Smooth 60fps on next-gen consoles
Nonsensical story
Too short