Bright Lancer

Bright Lancer New Update and Experimental Test Branch

Bright Lancer, one of our favorite indie games of 2020, has had a new update and is teasing an experimental test branch.

For those who don’t know what the game is: “Bright Lancer is a top-down, movement-orientated action game where you play a mysterious, purple-hooded figure with a lance. Although it can get slightly repetitive, you explore luscious environments while taking out enemies by either attacking them head-on with your lance or teleporting towards them.”

The game is short and free, so there is no excuse not to check it out. It is also nice to see Slo Nod working on future quality-of-life updates. If you want to see what we have to say about Bright Lancer, you can check out our Indie Spotlight here.

The latest update is small, but it came with a promise that more updates are on the way. In update 1.01, a cool-down system for teleporting was added to give more balance to the game. Access to the update was given to those involved in Slo Nod’s experimental test branch.

Experimental Test Branch

The developer of Bright Lancer, Slo Nod, has opened an experimental test branch and is calling on people to test future updates. If you want to play updates before they are released, you can go to their experimental link on

If you haven’t checked out Bright Lancer, it is available for free on


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