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Bright Lancer: A Short Beautiful Rogue-Like With a Lot of Potential

“Hyper Light Drifter meets Hades” is a tantalizing prospect, and while Bright Lancer ends perhaps a little too soon, it certainly meets the expectations set by Slo Nod. 

Bright Lancer is a top-down, movement-orientated action game where you play a mysterious, purple-hooded figure with a lance. Although it can get slightly repetitive, you explore luscious environments while taking out enemies by either attacking them head-on with your lance or teleporting towards them.

Bright Lancer
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There are only two different enemy types in the game, and while it could have gotten repetitive, Bright Lancer’s short length prevents this from happening. One is a tiny plant-like creature that flies towards you. And another is an elemental zombie-esque creature that flings rocks at you and teleports away when you get too close. Both of these enemies force you to utilize satisfying combat mechanics without it feeling too forced.

“I wish Bright Lancer was early access.”

The arenas you fight in are lovely, too, with beautiful visuals that create an evocative and intriguing world. It’s a shame that the very last arena you fight in is the most interesting and has the most engagements. This is when the game truly ramps up, pitting you against large groups of enemies and showing off some compelling visuals. But after this, the game is over, and it left me hoping it was only in early access, so I would only have to wait a short period for more.

Bright Lancer
In game screenshot

Although the game is short, I don’t see this as a bad thing. I think Slo Nod has got a really great proof of concept here. All the mechanics are super slick, the music and visuals are really great, and I feel like there’s real potential here for some great lore.

Be sure to check out Bright Lancer on and keep an eye out for more from Slo Nod Games.

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