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BG3: Wyll Relationship and Romance Guide

Wyll, the enigmatic Warlock, stands out as a beacon of heroism marred by a shadowy past in Baldur’s Gate 3. Carrying the weight of a devilish pact, ever-present beneath the veneer of his renowned heroism.

His legacy, the Blade of Frontiers, is a testament to his courage and determination, yet it also hides the chains binding him to a seductive devil. Dive into the intricate layers of Wyll’s character, unraveling the story of a noble hero desperate to break free from his infernal bargain.

As with all characters in the realm of Baldur’s Gate 3, relationships are multifaceted. Navigating the intricate dance of gaining a companion’s trust, securing their approval through choices, and potentially courting them for romance forms an essential and immersive part of the gaming experience.

BG3 Romance

How to Increase Approval Rating with Wyll

Wyll’s approval mechanism is simple yet nuanced. Demonstrating acts of valor and upholding righteousness often resonates with his values. However, be cautious; his history with goblins and his devil pact can lead to unexpected reactions.

Actions that increase Wyll’s approval:

  • Undertaking heroic deeds.
  • Displaying altruistic behavior.
  • Aiding those in distress.
  • Opposing malevolent forces.
  • Expressing anti-monster sentiments.

Actions that decrease Wyll’s approval:

  • Cowardice.
  • Deceptive actions.
  • Showcasing entitlement or selfishness.
  • Engaging in needless violence or cruelty.

How to Recruit Wyll as a Companion

Wyll, a formidable Human Warlock, presents an enticing option as a potential companion during your journey through Baldur’s Gate 3. As you navigate the vast realm, you will stumble upon Wyll in the Druid Grove area. Like you, Wyll is on a perilous quest, searching for a remedy for the Mind Flayer’s tadpole that has taken residence in his mind. This shared dilemma forms the foundation of your initial bond.

To enlist Wyll as an ally, you must first delve into his personal vendetta against goblins. Express your commitment to aiding him in this endeavour, and he will gladly become a member of your party. However, tread carefully, as this path isn’t devoid of consequences. Minthara, one of the goblin leaders, is also a viable companion in the game. Choosing Wyll will close off the opportunity to recruit Minthara.

Although reserved about certain aspects of his past, such as his glass eye, his disdain for Goblins becomes evident. To progress into a more romantic relationship with Wyll you must complete his companion quest, read below to see how.


How To Have a Relationship and Romance Wyll

To commence a romance with Wyll, you’ll need to get a high approval rating. This can easily be achieved by pursuing his companion quest. Completing this is relatively straight forward. Leave Wyll at camp and venture to the goblin camp or the windmill located in the Blighted Village, speak with the goblin named Spike and successfully persuade him to release his prisoner.

Once you’ve accomplished this, return to your campsite and bring Wyll back into your party. Your next destination is the Goblin Camp. There, seek out Spike once more and initiate a conversation about Mizora, the demon behind Wyll’s Warlock abilities. During your conversation, wait until they confirm that Mizora is no longer present, then kill both Spike and Abdirak. Post-battle, Wyll unveils more about his connection with Mizora. Following this revelation, retreat to your camp and rest for the night.

To cement Wyll’s loyalty, rescue the Druid Halsin and complete the side mission “Free The Refugees” at the Goblin Camp. Laying siege to the Goblin army will fully realise your alliance. During the celebration after the raid, speak with Wyll and express your admiration towards him, after which, you will see the dialogue option:

  • “We should explore this bond in my bunk tonight.”

With the steps above, your approval rating will be high enough for him to accept your proposal. Head to your bedroll and select Wyll to experience a dark and seductive romantic scene together.

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