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BG3: What is Karmic Dice and Should You Use It?

Baldur’s Gate 3 features a Karmic Dice system, but players are wondering what it is, and if they should use it or not.

The Karmic Dice is an option in the game’s settings and players are curious whether to have it turned on or off. The explanation given within the game isn’t the easiest to comprehend either.

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What is Karmic Dice?

The Karmic Dice is an optional setting that players can decide to turn on or off within Baldur’s Gate 3. The setting can affect the entire dice system of the game if it’s enabled. When looking at the description within Baldur’s Gate 3, the only explanation given is, “Karmic Dice avoid failure or success streaks, while keeping the results mostly random.

While the description given is not exactly clear, Karmic Dice aims to help balance out both sides of dice rolls for players. Therefore, the dice rolls will be more even instead of leaning to one side and making things increasingly harder. For example, with Karmic Dice enabled, you won’t go on streaks where you will constantly receive poor dice rolls consecutively. However, this also works the other way, and you won’t be able to test your luck and have long-running success streaks either.

Just as a note, the setting is automatically on by default.

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Should Karmic Dice Be On in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Now that you know what Karmic Dice is, should you have it on or off is that next question. While it does alter the Baldur’s Gate 3 experience, it honestly comes down to personal preference if you choose to have it on or not.

One thing to remember however is that all the bonuses that apply from the Karmic Dice within Baldur’s Gate 3, also apply to the opposition in the game as well. So while you may have the odds even for you, it will be even for the enemy as well and could in fact make some of your battles harder. The decision is completely up to you, but just know with the trade-off, it may be best to have it off. Are you feeling lucky?

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