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Best Field Upgrade Equipment in Call of Duty: MW3

Field Upgrades are tools that players can use to get the upper hand in Call of Duty: MW3. We’ve picked the best ones you should use.

Field Upgrades in MW3 are unique items that assist the player in unique ways, such as deploying temporary cover or remotely capturing objectives. You earn them by leveling up, although how fast you get them depends on your performance in a match. Below, we have selected the optimal choices of Field Upgrades to use when playing the Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: MW3.

Trophy System

The Trophy System is a device that destroys incoming projectiles and grenades. The Field Upgrade works well for anyone trying to sit on an objective, as projectiles are always thrown at them. The Trophy System will work to protect the player and their teammates from a limited amount of lethal objects before deactivating.

Call of Duty: MW3 Trophy System
Trophy System, In-game screenshot


The A.C.S. slowly captures objectives for the user and their team while hacking nearby enemy devices. The field upgrade is highly recommended as it can capture flags in a mode like Domination while the player is not on the point. Doing so allows the player to find a suitable position to defend the objective.

Call of Duty: MW3 ACS
A.C.S., In-game screenshot

Dead Silence

Dead Silence temporarily cancels out footstep noise for the player and adds the Ghost perk effects for its duration. The equipment returns from Modern Warfare 2 and allows players to go unnoticed on radar and in-game, as they are completely quiet. The field upgrade is a great choice for anyone wanting to get the flank on an enemy team or defuse/plant the bomb in Search and Destroy. Additionally, players can refresh the Field Upgrade’s duration with melee or throwing knife kills.

Call of Duty: MW3 Dead Silence
Dead Silence, In-game screenshot

Comm Scrambler

Comms Scrambler disables the ability for enemies to activate killstreaks. It also masks the player and their teammates from UAV or radar-revealing elements. While the device can be seen on the opposition’s minimap, it is a fantastic option as disabling killstreak use and hiding your team goes perfectly in any game mode.

Call of Duty: MW3 Comm Scrambler
Comm Scrambler, In-game screenshot

Deployable Cover

The Deployable Cover is an up-to-the-waist ballistics cover the player deploys in front of them. The Field Upgrade has been a veteran of the Modern Warfare reboot series and works well to allow players to defend chokepoints and create inconveniences by blocking doorways.

Call of Duty: MW3 Deployable Cover
Deployable Cover, In-game screenshot

Portable Radar

The Portable Radar is another deployable Field Upgrade that pings enemies around its area of effect onto the minimap. This works great in any game mode and pairing it with someone using a comms scrambler allows for the ultimate intel in a match without the enemy knowing where you are.

Call of Duty: MW3 Portable Radar
Portable Radar, In-game screenshot

Those are the best Field Upgrades within Call of Duty: MW3. Players interested in learning more about the game, including our review of the single-player campaign, can check out our Game Guide Hub here.