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Beacon Pines to be Published by Fellow Traveller

Veteran indie publisher Fellow Traveller has announced that they will be publishing the upcoming storybook adventure game, Beacon Pines.

Fellow Traveller is an experienced indie publisher that focuses on narrative-based games. Their previous projects include the phenomenal No Longer Home, Genesis Noir and The Invisible Hand. They are also publishing Kraken Academy!! which we had the opportunity to preview at the 2021 LudoNarraCon event. Now, they’re set to publish the upcoming Beacon Pines. This is huge news for its developer Hiding Spot as they’ll now greatly benefit from Fellow Traveller’s publishing expertise. If you’d like to know our thoughts on the game, you can read our glowing preview of it below:

This is a hard game to fault. It is truly one of the most eye-catching indie games I’ve ever played. Furthermore, its unique narrative mechanic means it is exceptionally engaging to play. I cannot wait for the full release to explore more of what Beacon Pines has to offer.

Beacon Pines Demo Preview ~ The Game Crater

You can check out our full preview here.

What Is Beacon Pines?

Beacon Pines is a cute but creepy storybook adventure game in which the player takes on the role of both the book’s reader and its main character, Luka. You’ll explore its wonderful world as you uncover the various mysteries surrounding it. But chances are, things won’t always go your way, and by taking certain paths you can get yourself and your friends in trouble. Fortunately, as you progress you’ll discover new words that let you alter the past. In doing so, you’ll create entirely new narrative routes for you to explore. Here is some of what you can expect in Beacon Pines:

  • Explore a town shrouded in mystery and packed full of enigmatic characters
  • Uncover new words that’ll help you make different decisions as you progress and change the course of history forever
  • Enjoy character-driven dialogue and light puzzle-solving as you embark on a simultaneously cute and creepy adventure

Release Date & Price

Beacon Pines is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022. Currently, there is no word on a specific release date, nor price. Head on over to the game’s Steam store page to wishlist it and be notified of any future updates. Also, be sure to check it out during the Indie Houses event currently running over on Steam.

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