Battle Brothers mixes Witcher 3 and Mount & Blade coming to Switch in March

Battle Brothers - Feature Image
Battle Brothers - Nintendo Switch Trailer

Battle Brothers, the critically beloved hardcore turn-based tactics game by developer, Overhype Studios, is finally making its debut on the Nintendo Switch this March.

Battle Brothers was first released onto Steam back in March 2017. It has since gone on to garner substantial critical acclaim, with 88% of its overall Steam reviews being positive. It was announced for the Nintendo Switch in January 2020 and is finally joining the platform this March!

Image Credit – Overhype Studios

What Is Battle Brothers?

Battle Brothers puts the player in charge of a band of ruthless mercenaries who’ve lost the valour and prestige they once held. In an attempt to make others tremble at even a whisper of their name again, the player must return their mercenaries to their former glory. Below is a list of features included in the game:

Image Credit – Overhype Studios

Release Date & Price

Battle Brothers will launch for the Nintendo Switch on March 11th 2021. It will set you back $29.99/£22.99/€27.99, but currently has 15% off the game and all its add-on content over on the Nintendo eShop. You can pick up a bundle that includes the main game and all its DLC (including – Beasts & Exploration, Warriors of the North, and Blazing Deserts) for $60.98/£50.98/€58.98.

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