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Batora: Lost Haven Coming to Nintendo Switch

Team17 and Stormind Games are pleased to announce that their unique blend of hack ‘n’ slash combat, twin-stick shooting, and intricate puzzle-solving game, Batora: Lost Haven, is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Stormind Games, the developer behind Batora: Lost Haven, is known for creating intense stories for PC and consoles. Their previous work, the survival horror saga, Remothered, also won awards and critical acclaim. Team17, founded in 1990, is a leading developer and video game label, working with developers all over the world. The company boasts a portfolio of over 120 titles, including in-house brands like The Escapists, Golf With Your Friends, and the iconic Worms franchise.

The game was first released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as Steam in 2022, and has since won multiple awards for its captivating gameplay and immersive storyline. The Game Crater was fortunate enough to preview the game, and we stated that the storyline, visual effects and puzzles made us “never want to stop playing” the game. You can check out our full preview here.

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Image Credit – Stormind Games and Team17

Batora: Lost Haven Nintendo Switch Release

Now, in an exciting development, Team17 and Stormind Games have announced that Batora: Lost Haven will be launched on the Nintendo Switch on April 6, 2023. This means that fans of the game will be able to experience the game’s fast-paced combat, intriguing puzzles, and unique story on a new platform.

Batora: Lost Haven takes players on an interstellar adventure, following the story of Avril as she uses the powers of the Sun and Moon to battle enemies and uncover ancient secrets. The game offers a branching narrative with multiple endings, allowing players to make life-changing decisions that ultimately determine how much they’re willing to sacrifice for love. With its unique gameplay and immersive storyline, Batora: Lost Haven is a game that any video game enthusiast should not miss.

Batora: Lost Haven is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC via Steam. Those wanting to play the game on Nintendo will have to wait until April 6, 2023.

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Image Credit – Stormind Games and Team17