Aztech: Forgotten Gods - Feature Image

Aztech: Forgotten Gods Coming To The Nintendo Switch Later This Year

The upcoming action-adventure platformer Aztech: Forgotten Gods was announced at today’s Indie World Showcase and is releasing for the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Developers Lienzo announced their latest game Aztech: Forgotten Gods at today’s Indie World Showcase. It is their third game after their Metroidvania Hunter’s Legacy and their critically acclaimed action-adventure title Mulaka. Hunter’s Legacy was praised for being one of the better Metroidvania’s on the switch. It currently sits at 69% on Metacritic. Mulaka went on to receive a 7/10 from GameSpot and 73% on Metacritic. Their latest effort seems to be a far more ambitious title. We see in the trailer sprawling environments, fast-paced combat and an epic narrative to go alongside it. It seems like a perfect fit for the platform and sets itself apart from the other indies in the showcase as a more action-packed adventure.

What Is Aztech: Forgotten Gods?

Aztech: Forgotten Gods is set in a world in which long-lost deities return to wreak havoc on an ancient world. As the protagonist, Achtli, you must explore vast environments and defeat these giant gods with the help of your newfound stone gauntlet. Imbued with your brand-new powers, you’ll platform and punch your way around the world, completing side-quests alongside the epic story. You must also uncover the mystery of Tez, a mysterious being who worms his way into Achtli’s mind.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods - Gameplay
Image Credit – Lienzo

There’s definitely a lot to explore here, as the trailer (see above) only seems to scratch the surface of what’s on offer. What did you think? Does this look like the next best action-adventure title? Are you intrigued by its god-filled narrative? Let us know in the comments below.