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Apple Arcade Exclusive, Lifeslide, Coming To Steam This Year

Lifeslide, the atmospheric paper plane adventure title by developers Dreamteck is finally leaving Apple Arcade and heading over to PC later this year.

Lifeslide was a launch title for the Apple Arcade back in September of 2019. After having been on the platform for over two years, the handheld game is finally transitioning to Steam. What started as a simple, yet well-received game with just a basic Story mode has been vastly expanded into a much larger title. With two additional game modes, an endless flight mode named Zen and an Online multiplayer racing mode, being added to the full release, Lifeslide has changed substantially. But its PC port will see it receive even more additions, making it the definitive Lifeslide experience.

Lifeslide PC Changes

Lifeslide’s port to Steam is not going to be your standard fare. The developers over at Dreamteck have worked to make substantial alterations to the base game to make the latest version feel like a different and new experience. While a lot of the base experience will remain the same (you’ll still fly through procedurally generated maps while experiencing a wordless narrative) there will be a few refinements made to the general gameplay. Here’s everything changing in Lifeslide’s PC port:

  • Entire stages are being remade from scratch
  • Gameplay will be refined
  • The Zen Mode is receiving an upgrade
  • The user experience will be improved
Lifeslide - Gameplay
Image Credit – Dreamteck

Release Date & Price

Lifeslide is launching this August 6th for Steam. There is no word on the price just yet. Once the game has launched, the developers are planning on adding more game modes and features. So, be sure to head on over to Lifeslide’s Steam store page and wishlist it to receive new information when it drops. Will you be checking this one out? Let us know down in the comments below. 

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