Alekon, The Stunning Photo Musical Journey, is Out Now on Steam

Alekon Header

Alekon, the stunning photo musical journey, was announced via a launch trailer at the Wholesome Direct event and is out now on Steam.

Former Riot Games and Respawn Entertainment devs have teamed up to launch the debut project by the
The Alekon Company, Alekon. In 2016, Kevin Notar started Alekon in his spare time, before Daniel Kraft joined soon after. Max Shawabkeh joined the team in 2019, completing the team.

You can check out all the whimsical creatures in the announcement trailer here.

Photo scoring. (In-game Screenshot)

What is Alekon?

Alekon is a magical journey through your imagination as you photograph creatures. These creatures are known as Fictions. They will strike collectable poses, so you must make sure the photo ranks high enough in the 4 categories; Size, Center, Angle, and Visibility.

Once photographed, Fictions will join you on Dream’s Doorstep. Here you can befriend them by helping out with mini-games and dialogue quests. You can paint auroras, tune/play musical instruments, compose ghost stories, stump Fictions lost in existential musings, and a whole lot more.

The game is made easier by using tools such as donut treats, magnets, and throwable fireflies to solve puzzles and get Fictions to strike picturesque poses. You can also use creative toys like editing photos and design snowflakes. You can check out a summary of the features below:

Helping a sea captain sort through applicant resumes. (In-game Screenshot)

You can pick up Alekon right now on Steam, available with a 10% discount now, until the 20th of June.

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