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90s-Inspired Action Platformer, Violet Wisteria, Coming 2023

90s-inspired action platformer, Violet Wisteria by indie developer Kanipro has received a Steam store page and a release date in 2023.

If you’ve been longing for the classic action platformers of the 90s, then the upcoming indie game Violet Wisteria by Japan-based studio Kanipro may interest you. Taking inspiration from all aspects of those classic platformers, Violet Wisteria looks set to recapture the magic of a simpler and perhaps more magical time. Chris Stark, the director at Kanipro, spoke about their goal with this intriguing project.

You can check out the reveal trailer for the game here.

“Our goal with Violet Wisteria was to revive the magic of the golden era of Japanese gaming.”

Chris Stark ~ Kanipro
Violet Wisteria - Boss Fights
Image Credit – Kanipro

What Is Violet Wisteria?

Violet Wisteria is an action platformer that takes players back to the 90s. Set in 1991, you’ll take on the role of the human-turned-goddess Wisteria Asagiri and fight your way through eight unique stages. Taking inspiration from classic titles such as Silhouette Mirage and Ikaruga, Violet Wisteria utilises a tri-colour attack system. What exactly is a tri-colour attack system? Well, you’ll have access to three different attacks which correspond with a different colour variant of each enemy. Each attack will need to be used strategically against the correct enemy in order to win. While it may sound simple, this system will require quick reflexes as one wrong move could see you flying off the stage. If you still need more info about this game, never fear as we have a handy breakdown of its best features right here:

  • Utilise the unique tri-colour attack system to strategically take down enemies
  • Explore eight unique stages filled with magic and wonder
  • Immerse yourself in a 90s-inspired action-platformer with classic 16-bit visuals and a chiptune soundtrack
  • Unlock exciting new modes and secrets

Release Date

Violet Wisteria is set to launch in early 2023. However, if you simply cannot wait you can head over to its Steam store page to learn additional details right now! You can also wishlist the game to be notified of any future updates.

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