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Xbox Showcase 2023: What Can We Expect to See?

It is currently the month of June, which means that the Summer Game Fest has arrived, bringing with it a series of showcases and announcements from various game developers, including the upcoming Xbox Showcase on June 11th.

Xbox and Bethesda are holding a consecutive showcase that promises to offer a thrilling glimpse into the future of both Xbox games and Microsoft’s upcoming plans. It is anticipated that both Microsoft’s in-house studios and external studios will showcase their titles. Additionally, Bethesda will provide an in-depth preview of their upcoming game, Starfield, immediately following the showcase.

It’s always a challenge to predict the specific games that will be showcased at the event. Nonetheless, we can anticipate and hope to see certain titles from Microsoft. The season of announcements is here and it never fails to create hype for the future of gaming, so which Xbox games are at the top of your wishlist?

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Forza Horizon 5 – In-Game Screenshot, Xbox

Fallout: New Vegas 2

There’s a chance that a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas, could be in the works. Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda in 2021 gave them ownership of their IPs, including Fallout. Additionally, they had already acquired Obsidian Entertainment, the developer behind New Vegas, in 2018. Given the popularity of New Vegas among fans and the acquisitions, it’s logical to assume that a sequel could be in development.

Released in 2010, Fallout: New Vegas put players in the shoes of a customizable character known as “The Courier”. After you are betrayed, the character begins a journey through New Vegas in search of revenge.

Bringing the morality system from Fallout 3, the fate of New Vegas is left entirely up to the player. The game was highly praised by many when it was released for its environment and its story narrative.

New Vegas Cover Art – Epic Games Store

Hellblade 2

In 2017, a game titled Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was released by Ninja Theory, the studio behind Heavenly Sword, and DMC: Devil May Cry. The game tells the story of Senua’s journey to Helheim to save her beloved’s soul from the Goddess Hela, drawing inspiration from Celtic and Norse mythologies. The game was praised for its captivating plot and immersive environment, receiving positive reviews. Microsoft acquired Ninja Theory and four other studios in 2018.

A year after being acquired, Ninja Theory revealed a sequel to Senua’s Sacrifice, known as Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. In 2021, they presented gameplay for the sequel and confirmed that the game would be available on Xbox and PC.

As the studio is now under Microsoft’s ownership, the sequel will most likely launch on Xbox Game Pass on the same day. However, no release date has been announced since 2021, so the Xbox Showcase could be the ideal opportunity to reveal additional gameplay and a specific date. While a 2023 release seems unlikely, it may drop in 2024.

Hellblade 2 Reveal Trailer


There has been a lot of excitement surrounding Bethesda’s upcoming project, Starfield. Since its announcement in 2018, the game has been the subject of various announcements, including trailers, gameplay reveals, and delays.

Initially slated for release in November 2022, it was postponed to early 2023 and now has a release date of September 6, 2023. However, what sets this announcement apart is its tandem showcase with Xbox, which may feature more than just in-engine footage.

With its own dedicated event and Xbox’s backing, it’s possible that we could see a much more extensive gameplay demonstration. As confirmed by Bethesda, this is their first time using a new engine for the game. Because of this, it will be exciting to see what more they are showing us for Starfield.

Image Credit – Bethesda

What Else Do We Hope To Hear More About?

There is much anticipation surrounding Xbox’s potential surprises. We eagerly welcome any announcement they may have. Perhaps we will receive further updates on the development of the Indiana Jones game by Machine Games, as we have only seen a teaser released in 2021.

It is also possible that a new Forza Motorsport game could be announced at the Xbox Showcase, given that the release window is set for 2023. Halo Infinite also has a new season that commences on June 20th, so 343 will probably use the event to showcase what’s in store for the future of the first-person shooter.

Although it is always exciting to see sequels and remakes of the games we love, it would be great to see some fresh IPs announced as well from Xbox. Whether it’s a new Action-Adventure from id Software, a new platformer from renowned developers Rare, or a new shooter from The Coalition, the possibilities as to what will be revealed can be unpredictable and that’s what makes the reveal season so great.

The event is scheduled for June 11th at 10 am PST/1 pm EST/3 am AEST (next day) with the Starfield Direct following right after. You can watch the event live on Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube.


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