Why Is Project Skywind Important

In 2002 Morrowind had just been released, Bethesda’s next release in the Elder Scrolls series. Their last release was 4 years prior in 1998 so you can imagine this was a giant leap forward.

Project Skywind is a volunteer project with the task of remaking Morrowind within the Skyrim: Special Edition engine. It is a complete rebuild of the original game bringing updated graphics, sounds and voice actors.

Armour comparison between Skywind and Morrowind (Source)

Morrowind Blew Me Away

I sunk countless hours into Morrowind and for good reason. It is an extremely immersive game and with the amount of content, it keeps you glued to your seat.

The storyline, quests, the rank system and the abundance of exploration set Morrowind apart from the rest. You could be walking down a road and find a body or even a book and there’s a quest you have to complete. I loved every aspect.

The Importance of Skywind

Playing Morrowind now is kind of tough. The game mechanics are outdated and it feels slow. I have grown used to having realistic physics my games. And there are just some functionalities that have lost their novelty. The game at its core has great storytelling and a memorable adventure. This is why the Morrowind remake is essential.

Some will argue, you shouldn’t mess with a classic but I think it’s still valid to bring things up to date. A remake would make the game relevant with modern-day technology opening the doors for more people to enjoy the game. I think more people need to experience the brilliance, that is The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The dev team working on project Skywind released their first update in months and is just a huge milestone. If you want to see the update, you can find it here.

For more information on the project you can check it out here.