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Wholesome Coming-Of-Age Rhythm Game, LOUD, Out Now

Indie developer Hyperstrange has released their “wholesome rhythm arcade guitar game”, LOUD, on the Nintendo Switch.

Have you been craving a satisfying indie rhythm game full of wholesome guitar action? Well, look no further than the recently released LOUD. Filled with custom-written upbeat pop punk music and a gorgeous Life Is Strange-esque art style, LOUD looks set to be a truly exciting rhythm game. This quirky experience comes from prolific indie developer Hyperstrange, who recently released the much beloved POSTAL: Brain Damaged.

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You can check out the game’s Nintendo Switch release trailer here.

What Is LOUD?

LOUD is a wholesome indie rhythm game that follows the story of a very relatable teen named Astrid. Wishing to avoid the mundanity of adult life – don’t we all – Astrid sets her eyes on stardom and wants nothing more than to become a talented musician. You’ll go from the bedroom to the stage in this wholesome pop punk odyssey about a young girl finding her passion in music. Play through 14 original songs, unlock new cosmetics, guitars and locations, and fulfil your dream of becoming famous! Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect in LOUD:

  • Experience a relatable coming-of-age tale about one girl’s dream to become famous
  • Play through 14 original pop punk masterpieces and perfect your scores
  • Unlock a wide range of cosmetics including new looks and guitars
  • Rock out across various locations and unlock new ones as you go

Release Date & Price

LOUD is available right now on the Nintendo Switch. You can pick it up for $11.99 at full price, or catch it at $7.20 until August 4th. Future updates are planned for the game, including six new story songs, two bonus songs, additional guitars, outfits and stages. So, stay tuned for more unique content coming to a truly wholesome rhythm game experience.

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