Vicious Action RPG, UNDUNGEON, Coming This November

Developer Laughing Machines and publisher tinyBuild have officially announced the release date for the interdimensional sci-fi action-RPG, Undungeon.

First announced in September 2018 at PAX West, Undungeon channels the flair of Golden Age ARPGs. Prepare to travel the strange wastelands of a multidimensional cataclysm. Set out to make things right in a world that has gone wrong. Evolve yourself into an absolute unstoppable weapon of carnage and destruction. Enjoy tense and ferocious combat, hand-drawn environments, and an out-of-this-world narrative. Choose to be a cosmic force of compassion or malice. All this and more come together to deliver a gorgeous rouge-lite epic tale.

Undungeon - Gameplay
In-game Screenshot

You can watch the announcement trailer here. You can also check out our preview for the game here.

What is Undungeon?

In Undungeon you control the Heralds, champions forged by the gods. Together they must undo ‘The Shift’ that has converged multiple versions of earth into an interdimensional apocalypse. To accomplish this goal you will meet with eccentric and otherworldly NPC’s as you unravel various mysteries. Meanwhile, explore their lives and struggles as you learn about what came before. Choose to aid in either their survival or their suffering as you make your way through a fractured world. Engage hordes of cosmic threats with claws, throwing knives, explosives, and more in nailbiting combat. Scavenge ruins and corpses for the materials you will need to survive. Expect to craft and swap often to improve and adapt your abilities, skills, and organs to your desired playstyle.

Undungeon offers a number of thrilling features to sink your claws into:

  • Brutally swift and dynamic combat
  • Branching sidequests and storylines
  • Modular upgrades, skills and abilities
  • Exotic hand-drawn environments and pixel art
  • Harvest, dissassemble, repari and craft dozens of tools of war
  • Risk-Reward healing system
  • Beautifully written sci-fi story and world
  • Vast open world
Image Credit – Laughing Machines

Release Date

You’ll be able to get your hands on Undungeon through Xbox One/Series X, Steam, and and through Gamepass. The release date is set for November 18th. A price point has not yet been given. Head over to the game’s Steam store page to wishlist it and be notified of any future updates.