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Defend Your Base In ‘Until We Die’, Coming To Steam This June

Until We Die, the post-apocalyptic strategy game by developer Pixeye Games is coming to Steam this June with a demo available from May 20th.

Until We Die is a base defence strategy game with a post-apocalyptic twist. Similar to the Metro series, humanity has been forced underground and now inhabit the dark metro tunnels. Hideous creatures threaten your everyday existence, and it’s up to you and your motley crew to fight back and survive. For fans of base defence strategy games, Until We Die is bound to be up your alley, and for those who enjoy the atmospheric world of the Metro series, you’ll likely enjoy this too.

What Is Until We Die?

Until We Die gives the player a simple task. You must survive for 30 days ensuring that your base is well fortified, and your people safe, all while fending off hordes of attacks. At first, you’ll have it easy, fighting against scrappy packs of creatures. But, before long, you’ll be up against Days Gone level of hordes, with enemies swarming at you from all directions. Should the hero Ivan die, or the power generator is destroyed before the 30 days run out, you’ll lose. Here’s just some of what you can expect when Until We Die launches:

  • Order your people effectively to ensure your base is kept safe
  • Build fortifications, research technology and send expeditions to gather resources all in an effort to defend your base
  • Take the fight to the enemy and destroy their base to acquire more land for farms and tents
  • Keep your people fed by any means necessary
Until We Die - Gameplay
Image Credit – Pixeye Games

Release Date & Price

Until We Die launches in June for Steam and will cost $16.99. The developers plan to release a Nintendo Switch edition at a later date. A demo is currently available over on the game’s Steam store page, with another one releasing on May 20th. Will you be picking up Until We Die? Let us know down in the comments below.