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Unique & Challenging Platformer, Hoplegs, Out Now On Steam & Switch

Developer WhyKev has finally released their “challenging-but-fair platformer” Hoplegs onto Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

After a few months baking in Early Access, solo developer WhyKev has officially launched their platforming game Hoplegs. The game currently sits with a 100% positive score on Steam and has grown thanks to community feedback. Now that the unique platformer has had enough time to reach its full potential, it has come out on both Steam and the Nintendo Switch with the help of indie publisher Aurora Punks.

Hoplegs - Gameplay
Image Credit – WhyKev

Check out the game’s trailer here.

What Is Hoplegs?

Hoplegs is a unique platformer that is can be extremely challenging. Each of the four gamepad buttons now controls a leg, and the player must learn how to balance these while platforming around both developer and community-created levels. There is a ton of content available in the game, from a co-op mode to a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. On PC you can also create and share your own levels as well as download other player’s. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • Experience a challenging-but-fair platforming adventure with unique controls
  • Learn to use all four gamepad buttons like you’ve never done before
  • Play through it with a friend or against them in dedicated co-op and multiplayer modes
  • Create your own unique levels to challenge others and download there’s to prove you’re the best
Image Credit – WhyKev

Release Date & Price

Hoplegs is out now for both Steam and the Nintendo Switch. It costs $6.99/£6.29 on the Nintendo Switch and £13.99 on Steam. It is currently having a 10% sale on both platforms.

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