Ubisoft Announce Huge New DLC For Anno 1800

Ubisoft has announced that its highly acclaimed city-building real-time strategy game Anno 1800 will be receiving three new DLC in the brand-new Season 3 Pass.

Anno 1800 is a game all about constructing cities, big or small, setting up logistics networks, settling new continents, sending out global expeditions, and dominating opponents by diplomacy, trade, warfare, and new tourist attractions. Now, with the addition of three new DLC, Docklands, Tourist Season, and The High Life, Ubisoft is expanding on its successful strategy title in a big way!

Anno 1800 - Season 3 Pass
Image Credit – Ubisoft

Anno 1800 Season 3 Pass DLC

Docklands, which will be the first of the three to launch, is all about trading! You’ll be able to:

  • Transform your city with a new modular warehouse district
  • Export rare goods and reinforce your economy
  • Encounter interesting exports and become a market leader

Docklands will be available on February 23rd, 2021.

In Tourist Season players will be able to turn their dreary cities into the bustling and hustling place to be! You’ll be able to:

  • Keep visitors entertained with enriching activities and delicious dishes from your best restaurants
  • Create a tour bus network for visitors to easily get around your cities. 

Tourist Season will be launching this Autumn.

In The High Life, all you seasoned Anno players will be able to transform your cities into a real spectacle. You’ll be able to:

  • Manage a city full of skyscrapers
  • Satisfy citizens with all-new commercial goods and malls
  • Construct monuments, hotels, restaurants, buildings and more!

The High Life will be launching this Winter.

Anno 1800 - Gameplay
Image Credit – Ubisoft

If all of this sounds like your cup of tea then you can purchase the new Anno 1800 Season 3 Pass over on the Ubisoft store. If you’re yet to dip your toes into Anno 1800’s wealth of content, then now is the best time to start! With two new editions of Anno 1800, which will be replacing older editions, you’ll be able to jump right into Anno 1800 at its peak!

These new editions are:

  • Complete Edition Year 3: Features main game, Deluxe pack, and all 3 season passes
  • Gold Edition Year 3: Features main game, Deluxe pack, and Season 3 Pass

It’s also worth noting that Anno 1800 is on sale right now during the Ubisoft Lunar Sale! You can pick up the Complete Edition Year 3 for £68.99/$82.49 (down from £91.99/$109.99).

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