Treasury of Dragons Art

Treasury of Dragons – D&D Book Announced

D&D Live 2021 kicked off Friday with an exciting announcement for dragon fans: Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, a new sourcebook coming later this year!

As every Dungeons & Dragons player will undoubtedly know, the world-famous tabletop role-playing game is not complete without, well… Dragons. So it’s great news that Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is chock full of them!

Treasury of Dragons Art
Image Source: Wizards of the Coast

Discover how dragons embody magic across the worlds of D&D and how you can bring them to life at your table in this quintessential reference guide for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Wizards of the Coast

What does the book include?

Guided by Fizban the Fabulous – powerful archmage, hero of the War of the Lance, and divine avatar of a dragon-god – Wizards of the Coast’s newest sourcebook aims to delve into the many mysteries of dragonkind.

Exciting features of the book include:

  • Tips and tools for Dungeon Masters and players alike to bring more dragons to their tabletop games
  • New dragon-themed player character options (check out the Draconic Options Unearthed Arcana for some insights!); including race options, dragon-themed subclasses, and new feats and spells
  • A host of new dragons and dragon types, including the exciting Gem Dragons, brought to 5e for the first time
  • A complete dragon bestiary which introduces new dragons and dragon-related creatures, as well as aspects of dragon gods, dragon minions, and more!
  • Reveals the story of the First World and the role Bahamut and Tiamat played in its creation and destruction.
  • Dungeon Masters can learn more about the lairs and hoardes of each type of dragon, as well as make use of some new lair maps

As an extra snippet of information, during the D&D Live interview, two entirely new and terrifying monsters were revealed: the hoarde mimic, and the elder brain dragon. How terrifying!

Treasury of Dragons – The Details

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is available now for pre-order from various retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and D&D Beyond. For all the links, head to the official product page.

The sourcebook is set to be released on 19th October 2021. The hardcover copy is available to buy for $49.95 (USD).

Finally, pictured below is the alternative book cover which will be exclusively available in game stores. Check for your nearest store here!

Treasury of Dragons Alt Cover
Image Source: Wizards of the Coast