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Thronefall is Coming to Steam Early Access Next Month

Grizzly Games, the creators of Islanders and Superflight, are happy to announce that their upcoming game, Thronefall, will be launching in August as part of Steam Early Access.

Grizzly Games is a small indie studio based in Berlin, known for its successful indie titles, Superflight and Islanders. The team first came together during their studies in game design at HTW Berlin, where they created the acclaimed game, Islanders.

This is what the developers had to say about their upcoming game, “We have a deep appreciation for strategy games, but as we grow older, we find it increasingly difficult to dedicate hundreds of hours just to learn the ropes. With ISLANDERS, we reimagined the city-building genre by simplifying mechanics and making it accessible to a broader audience. With Thronefall, we’re embarking on a similar journey. We’re taking the essence of strategy games, encompassing resource management, planning, balancing economy and defense, as well as offering upgrade paths and technology to foster unique strategies. However, we’re shedding the unnecessary complexities. Thronefall is our love letter to strategy enthusiasts like us, who crave the genre but lack the time to invest countless hours in order to get started.”

What is Thronefall?

Thronefall is a minimalist strategy game that focuses on building and defending your own small kingdom. It offers a timeless strategy experience without the burden of unnecessary complexity, along with a satisfying dose of hack and slash. Develop your base during daylight hours and defend it relentlessly against enemies throughout the night.

At the start of the game, you will be on your own, with just enough coins to start building your castle centre. It’s up to you to strike a delicate balance with your resources, deciding whether to construct houses or mills to enhance your income or prioritise fortifications to fend off hostile forces. If you want to know more about the game, you can check out our demo preview here.

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Thronefall Release Date Details

Thronefall releases on August 2nd for Steam Early Access. The game will be available for purchase at a price of £6.99 / €6.99 / USD$6.99.

Furthermore, the developers have mentioned that they have updated the Steam Next Fest demo, adding quality-of-life improvements, updates, and bug fixes.


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