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This Mindbending City Builder, Airborne Kingdom, is Coming to Consoles

Bringing the familiar city-builder formula to the sky, the developer, Wandering Band, will release Airborne Kingdom on consoles in November.

Driven from the land by years of unrest, civilisation has one more chance to reconnect and reconcile. This time, they are looking up to the sky for answers. In this inventive sim, your city is mobile, and you must roam over striking landscapes to collect resources to design your ever-expanding metropolis.

“Peace and Possibility”

Though it is not to say your people will be completely divorced from other kingdoms. When not micro-managing your workers, researching new technologies, or constructing new buildings, you can forge alliances with neighbouring kingdoms. Share supplies to strengthen connections and improve the lives of your citizens. But above all lead designer, Ben Wander states, “Airborne Kingdom is full of peace and possibility.”

After finishing your first campaign, Airborne Kingdom includes a new game plus mode, which features new questlines, a new world to explore, and new town centres to try out.

Airborne Kingdom Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

What is Airborne Kingdom

Airborne Kingdom is a city builder in the sky where you gather resources from below in a mobile town centre. To escape the cycles of unrest below, civilisations have taken to the skies to rekindle what connections have been lost to time.

  • Travel the skies to gather resources and form alliances with other kingdoms
  • Engage with questlines
  • Expand your town center and improve the lives of your villagers
  • Research new technologies to unlock new buildings and abilities
  • Explore randomly-generated worlds

Where to Buy and Release Dates

It is available on the Epic Games Store for USD 24.99 / A$37.99. Airborne Kingdom will release on all consoles on Nov. 9, 2021.