The Lightbringer Key Art

The Lightbringer is now available On Nintendo Switch and PC

Publisher, Zordix, and Polish developer, Rock Square Thunder, have just released their charming poesy puzzle platformer, The Lightbringer, on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Rock Square Thunder is a small team whose founders have experience working on games such as The Medium, The Observer, and Blair Witch from their time with Bloober Team. Their debut title steps away from the fear and gloom to explore majestic worlds and purge them of corruption. Creative puzzles, challenging platforming, and light combat come together to evoke the old school Zelda and Mario games of yesteryear. You can check out the trailer here.

The Lightbringer - Gameplay
In-game Screenshot

What Is The Lightbringer?

The narrative of The Lightbringer is completely in verse. This whimsical element is sure to make for an interesting tale as you follow in your sister’s footsteps. After setting out to cleanse your world of the hostile corruption, your sister disappears, leaving behind only a letter spurring you to action. To purify the tainted monoliths that rest at the heart of each area, you will need to find and collect light motes.

Each level is a unique world that will test not only your skill but your vigilance as well. You will have to take on puzzles and monsters in search of all the lights. Armed with a boomerang for mid-range combat, you can jump on certain enemies and dodge roll to increase your mobility in combat and during platforming segments.

The Lightbringer has a number of exciting features:

  • Classic style adventure with old school elements
  • An enjoyable blend of platforming and light combat with a boomerang
  • A warming tale, fully voiced in a poetic narrative
  • Collect and conquer the challenges of each detailed world
  • Quaint semi-isometric environments with unique mechanics to explore 
  • Giant Sentinel creatures to fight
In-game Screenshot

Release Date & Price

The Lightbringer is out now. The game is available on both Steam and Nintendo Switch and is being sold for $14.99.