The Game Crater Retro Review: An Introduction


Throughout history, there have been games that have helped define childhoods, taken over the world for a period of time, or even changed the way we view and play video games. We all have memories of playing these games and experiencing the joys they give us… well, not all of us. 

As someone whose first proper gaming experiences came later than most, there is a multitude of games that have shaped the world we play in today that I have simply not played. Sure, I know about them. I’ve read about them. I’ve seen memes referencing them. I understand their significance in video game lore and pop culture in general. But I haven’t had the joy of actually sitting down and playing them.

You name it, I probably haven’t played it (Source)

In this series I finally play some of the greatest and well-known titles in video game history, reviewing them through fresh eyes. For once and for all, we will finally know if games are as good as everyone remembers, or if we’re looking at them through rose-tinted glasses. I’ll take a look at the games’ history, the highlights and lowlights, and even see where they stack up against one another on The Game Crater Retro Review Tier Listing.

Where will your favourite game end up? Only time will tell…

So sit back and enjoy taking a trip down Memory Lane, as you ride shotgun with someone who’s visiting for the very first time.

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