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The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood PC Review: An Intricate Deck-Builder

Choices and fate are fundamental aspects not just within the realm of human existence, but across all that inhabits our reality. Games that give you choices and dire consequences give me a sense of satisfaction as it mirrors life. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood delves into the immense potency of fate and the far-reaching ramifications of our decisions.

This narrative not only underscores the significance of a united community but also exemplifies the remarkable impact an individual can wield within any given scenario.

“Fortuna summons a behemoth, which is illegal”

You play Fortuna, a human who ascended to become a witch in the early 1960s. On Earth, she had a supernatural connection with her tarot reading, which only continues to become more powerful after her ascension.

The beginning of the game starts with Fortuna using a summoning spell on a behemoth, an illegal action in the coven. After summoning the creature, you discover she does this as she has been exiled for two millennia, out of the thousand she must endure.

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“When reading your new divination, you get to decide how you interpret the cards.”

In isolation, she became desperate, hence the summoning of the forbidden entity. The behemoth, Àbramar, is summoned for her to not only cope with her isolation but also to strike a deal to regain her freedom, which happens to be her creating a new divination deck. Naturally, this involves into the core deck-building gameplay.

In The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, you must create a new divination deck, as your tarot was confiscated from you when you went into exile. You get to physically create this new divination in the game. Your cards are made from the four elements: Water, Air, Earth, and Fire, and three images, a background, the main figure, and a symbol. Furthermore, you construct an image of your liking and when completed, you have made your own personal card with its own name and meaning.

These cards are subsequently employed during readings, serving as a tool for numerous questions throughout the narrative. As you engage with your new divination, you’re presented with a selection of choices to decide how you interpret the cards, thus shaping the trajectory of the narrative. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to witness unfolding events, which adds an intriguing layer to the experience.

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“Your decisions are tailored to your chosen allegiance.”

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood explores the concept of community interaction. It involves delving into the lives and inquiries of individuals, either uncovering their secrets or keeping them. The burdens people endure carry significant importance, particularly when one assumes the role of an oracle. The responsibility involves guiding every individual who enters your space.

As you are innocently helping others, the story evolves into a much more complicated narrative. The coven becomes divided, and you must pick a side you deem capable of steering the coven toward a more promising future. Your decisions are tailored to your chosen allegiance, which sha[es the narrative course of events.

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“There is no option to load previous saves.”

From this point onward, the story takes a political turn. Various individuals vying for leadership within the coven launch their political campaigns. Due to Fortuna being exiled and stuck on an asteroid, you are put in charge of how to aid your campaign. With a plethora of tasks involved in promoting your ideals and limited time to do it, your decisions demand careful consideration. The significance of your actions throughout the campaign cannot be understated; you must choose wisely with what approach you take.

With no option to load previous saves, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood focuses on where your choices take you. Should an error be made, there is no opportunity to revisit that moment, and you must live with the consequences. Fate takes you on its journey, and it’s up to you how you handle the pressure.

At the heart of the narrative lies the tapestry of people you weave and unweave. A diverse array of witches finds their way to your doorstep, originating from the coven and beyond. Deciding how to contribute to the welfare of the witch community, be it positive or negative, rests upon your shoulders. During your one-on-one conversations with these characters, they share their secrets, aspirations, anxieties, and concealed truths. People put a lot of trust in you for their readings as they invest their faith in your guidance.

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“Be prepared to read a whole lot of information”

This leads to meeting an array of in-depth characters throughout your playthrough. The cast spans various races, including demons and animals, each distinguished not only by their visual appearances but also by their distinct personalities. These individual traits necessitate different approaches during conversations and readings. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood has a great selection of diverse characters and it was always a surprise when the next visitor knocked at your door.

Amongst the personalities and details of these characters, there’s also the dialogue. The execution of these conversations is notably exceptional. The amount of content packed into your interactions is substantial, and certain characters prompted me to perceive life from new perspectives.

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“The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood’s soundtrack is truly satisfying.”

The dialogue within The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is remarkably true to life. Each character possesses a distinctive individuality that sets them apart. However, this game heavily leans on textual content, lacking voice acting. Consequently, brace yourself for an extensive amount of reading, which you must endeavour to recall effectively to navigate the diverse situations that await.

Among the aspects that stood out to me in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, the soundtrack takes precedence. It’s extremely unique and complimentary to the overall atmosphere. The music not only immerses you in the unfolding narrative but also compliments each character and scene they’re in. Each music piece was crafted for specific moments and they seamlessly transition into one another. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood‘s soundtrack is truly satisfying.

Furthermore, the soundtrack played a pivotal role in enhancing the game’s readability. If the music was not there, I believe achieving immersion would have been an exceptionally challenging task. The music not only aids in grasping the emotional undertones of various situations but also highlights the different personalities of specific characters. The soundtrack was a leading reason for how immersed I found myself in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood.

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“Replayability practically everywhere you look”

As someone who typically doesn’t gravitate toward pixelated games, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood did a magnificent job at creating visually intricate characters using pixelated graphics. There were instances where the art style was executed so well that the pixel graphics seemed to vanish, replaced by a richly detailed aesthetic. The incorporation of subtle animations when characters move and converse further elevates the visual quality of this seemingly simple design choice.

In addition to their adept characterisation, the developers have done a great job with the number of intricate details visible in the tarot cards you craft. With many choices for card selection, each card has been beautifully crafted to align with the overall tarot aesthetic and inclusion of witchy elements. This level of remarkable detail is a core feature in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, and throughout the game, the presence of similar customisation options remains consistently impressive.

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The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a narrative-driven choice game. Due to this being the main bones of the game, it has replayability practically everywhere you look. Every facet of your playthrough can change, and different opportunities can arise to change your course. The witchy world has a deep history, and the people harbour concealed stories that can be revealed. This is precisely why I’m inclined to revisit this game, potentially on multiple occasions, to uncover the narrative choices I may have missed.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood proved to be an intricately detailed adventure. Playing it was a delightful journey that I look forward to playing again. For US$16.19 / AU$ 26.50, the game is definitely worth the price, especially for enthusiasts of story-driven, choice-based games.

*Disclaimer: Reviewed on PC; code was provided by the Publisher.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood In-game Screenshot 1
The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood Review
The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a narrative-driven deck-building game centered around the consequences of your choices. Without the option for previous saves, every decision you make needs to be one you're prepared to stand by. The art style and soundtrack combine to establish a compelling atmosphere that harmonises seamlessly within the game's universe. Coupled with the lifelike characters and their distinct personalities, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood caters to individuals seeking a gaming experience abundant in choices, replayability, and customisation.
Replayability Everywhere
Unique Soundtrack
Realistic and Diverse Characters
Great Atmosphere
Detailed Narrative
Pixel Graphics
Lots of Reading
No Voice Acting