What Comes After 2

The Brief, Beautiful game, What Comes After, is out now on Switch

From the creators of Coffee Talk and Rage in Peace comes What Comes After, a touching, heartfelt exploration of suicide, life and purpose, releasing today on Switch.

What Comes After follows Vivi, a young woman who’s forced to return home when her mother falls sick. One late night, as she’s taking the last train home, she falls asleep. Suddenly she finds she has been spirited away to a train that carries the dead to the afterlife. Throughout her time on the train, conversing with her fellow passengers, she learns important lessons and rediscovers her passion for life.

Since its initial release on Steam, the game has found critical success. On Steam, it currently sits on a 92% positive rating, with some people mentioning how well they aligned with the story. One reviewer wrote, “Played this game while I was feeling down and honestly, I’m glad I did. This game did wonders to me. It helped me to cry, changed my views on the concept of life and death, and to be more considerate of other people, animals and plants.”

We were fortunate enough to review this stunning game and gave it a perfect score. You can read more about it here.

Image Credit – Rolling Glory Jam

What Comes After Key Features

The iconic What Comes After features:

  • An unforgettable journey where you must learn to love yourself and consider everyone around you.
  • Gorgeous art to accompany your journey on the spirited train
  • Short playthrough – It won’t take you long to experience everything.
  • Low price

What Comes After is available now on the Nintendo Switch store, and it is also available to purchase on Steam. It is a must-play experience for an incredibly low price.


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