Tennis Manager 2021 Screenshot

Tennis Manager 2021 is Leaving Early Access on September 7th

The French studio, Rebound CG, is proud to announce that Tennis Manager 2021 will leave Early Access and launch on September 7th.

Tennis Manager 2021 puts you in the pivotal position of running a tennis academy. Some describe the game as “Football Manger but Tennis”. This game is built to never end, consistently giving you fresh tournaments to play in and improve your rank. If you lose out in the semi-finals, well you’ve got another tournament a week later to redeem yourself.

After an initial phase of beta testing, Tennis Manager transitioned into Early Access. Since then, it has achieved a “very positive” rating of 85% on Steam. We were fortunate enough to check out the Early Access version of the game.

Tennis Manager 2021 Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

After our playthrough, we concluded, “Tennis Manager 2021 is an Early Access title with a lot of promise. It features great 3D simulation graphics with a very clean UI. Unfortunately, it has many features that seem a little pointless and its price tag is a little too high for the amount of content you receive.” You can check out our full Early Access Preview here.

What’s New in Tennis Manager 2021?

The latest transition into full release will take into account several technical and graphical improvements. It will also include new functionalities that include mod compatibility (Epic and Steam Workshop), a history of records for men’s and women’s circuits since the Open Era, and a version for Mac.

Rebound CG is counting on the success of this first title to build a successful new license. They hope the game becomes a worldwide success, similar to that of Football Manager.

Tennis Manager 2021 Early Access Stats
Early Access Key Stats

Tennis Manager 2021 will be available on September 7th. You can pick up the game now for a discounted price.