Super Rare Games Mixtape Volume #1
Super Rare Games Mixtape Volume #1

Super Rare Games has Announced A Mixtape with 30 Indie Games

Super Rare Games has announced a physical indie game mixtape with thirty games and six demos, featuring some of the best up-and-coming developers.

As previously mentioned, the indie game mixtape features thirty games and six demos. These games vary from first-person shooters and platformers to visual novels and tower defences. Considering all of the games are from the freeware scene, this collection will finally give the games the recognition they deserve.

Ryan Brown, The Head of Saying Stuff at Super Rare Games, was the mind behind the Indie Game Mixtape. He stated, “I’ve had the idea for this personal passion project for many, many years now, long before my time at Super Rare Games, though I never believed that I’d be able to make it happen.” Ryan also mentioned that this will “hopefully” be the first of many volumes and that he is “itching to work with 100s of talented devs.”

Super Rare Games Mixtape Volume #1
Super Rare Games Mixtape Volume #1

The full list of indie games on the physical mixtape are:

  • A Mini Falafel Adventure
  • Becalm
  • Daughter of Reyn
  • Detritus
  • Echoes+
  • Emily is Away
  • Enviro-Bear 2000
  • Fairy Song
  • Forklift Man
  • FRAGMENT: Extended Edition
  • Garbageboi+
  • Good Morning Drifter
  • Greetings
  • Guardian Sphere
  • Homerun Bun+
  • Kiwi 64
  • Lianthus
  • Lucid Heist
  • Lycanthorn
  • Missed Messages
  • Paint Game
  • Pearl Grabber
  • Quest of Graal
  • Secret Tea Garden
  • Stellar Nexus
  • Tempo Quest
  • Tonsil Terror
  • Two Timin’ Towers

The mixtape will also include six demos from commercial indie games that are yet to release. This includes Billie Bust Up, CONSCRIPT, Grapple Dog, Pathogen-X, SkateBIRD, and The Lone Blade.

The collection will be created in the form of a USB-shaped tape cassette with a built-in custom launcher. This means you should have no issues playing any of the 36 games on the mixtape. Finally, an indie game mixtape wouldn’t be complete without a unique collector’s box and a full-colour manual with a full page dedicated to each game, detailing why Super Rare Games chose them for the collection.

Super Rare Games Mixtape Volume #1
SRG Mixtape Volume #1 Manual

Unfortunately, there are only 1000 copies available. So you will have to act quickly to secure a copy. The Super Rare Games Mixtape Volume #1 goes on sale on August 19th at 6 pm BST/10 am PT/3 am AEST (next day) for £28 (+ relevant VAT & shipping) at