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Stylish Platformer, Inukari – Chase of Deception, Coming To Consoles

Developer Einzelartig Games and publisher have announced that their upcoming retro platformer, Inukari – Chase of Deception, is coming to consoles soon.

For fans of the pixel-perfect precision platformers of yonder, Inukari – Chase of Deception, the debut title of developer Einzelartig Games, is absolutely for you. Releasing exactly one year after its initial Steam launch date, this retro-inspired platformer seeks to swoon you with its stunning visuals and frantically fast-paced jumping. It is being published in collaboration with veteran indie publisher, who are known for their work on Gem Wizard Tactics and Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders.

Image Credit – Einzelartig Games

You can check out the game’s console trailer here.

What Is Inukari – Chase of Deception?

Inukari – Chase of Deception is a fast-paced platformer inspired by the classics. Taking place in a world consumed by greed, consumerism and exploitation, you take on the role of the titular Inukari whose goal is to restore the world’s nature and prevent its total destruction. You’ll blast your way through multiple levels, taking on enemies and challenging bosses all connected by an engrossing narrative. Here is just some of what you can expect when it launches on consoles later this month:

  • Experience a story-driven experience about saving the world
  • Explore three unique worlds each with eight distinct levels
  • Come toe-to-toe with fearsome creatures and challenging bosses
  • Immerse yourself in the stunning pixel-art as you race through each level
  • Listen to the original 8-bit score as you fight your way to the finish line
Inukari - Chase of Deception - Exploration
Image Credit – Einzelartig Games

Release Date & Price

Inukari – Chase of Deception is launching for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and the Nintendo Switch on March 18th. While there is currently no word on price, the Steam version costs only $5.99/£4.79.