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Stunning Co-Op RPG Beat ‘Em Up, Young Souls, Coming Later This Month

Developer 1P2P Studio has announced that their co-op RPG beat ’em up, Young Souls, is heading to the PC and console later this month.

Young Souls is the incredibly colourful and stylish debut title from indie developer 1P2P Studio. After 12 years of working in the industry, and winning Ludum Dare 23, 1P2P Studio are partnering with The Arcade Crew to bring their co-op beat ’em up to the masses. As well as unveiling the game’s release date, they have also published a brand-new overview trailer that goes into considerable depth about the gameplay and narrative of the game.

Image Credit – 1P2P Studio

You can check out the overview trailer here.

What Is Young Souls?

Young Souls is a beat ’em up RPG-hybrid with cooperative elements. Players will take on the roles of protagonists Jenn and Tristan as they delve deep into the dungeons of the Goblin world in search of their guardian. You will explore a jaw-droppingly stunning packed with creatively designed monsters and bosses for you to pummel to pieces in frantic and slick 2D sidescrolling combat. When you’re not engaging with the gripping narrative and engrossing combat, you’ll be able to explore the human world to buy upgrades to assist you on your journey. Here is just some of what you can expect when Young Souls launches later this month:

  • Experience a dynamic and captivating RPG narrative either alone or with a friend
  • Lavish in the beautiful art direction as you explore gorgeous environments
  • Beat up a host of unique monsters and over 20 bosses throughout dozens of perilous dungeons
  • Buy new gear, equipment and even hit the gym in the Human world
Young Souls - Gameplay
Image Credit – 1P2P Studio

Release Date

Young Souls is due to release on March 10th for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. To find out more about Young Souls head on over to the game’s Steam store page and wishlist it, or check out the developer’s PlayStation blog post.

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