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Slice-of-Life Visual Novel, Stories In Mara, Comes To Steam For Free

Developer and publisher Chibig has released the very first chapter of their slice-of-life visual novel, Stories of Mara onto Steam.

Stories of Mara: Chapter 1 is the first of many coming to both Steam and in the near future. It is being developed and published by Chibig who’s previous works include Deiland and Summer in Mara. Both are relaxing farming adventures albeit with very different worlds and styles. Moreover, Summer in Mara, their most recent title – not including Deiland: Pocket Edition – was mostly well-received on Steam. It has garnered a 76% positive score across 834 total reviews. Additionally, it has a free prologue on Steam – and a demo on consoles – if players want to try it out before purchasing it. Unsurprisingly, Stories of Mara is set in the same universe as Summer in Mara and will even feature some of the same characters.

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What Is Stories Of Mara?

Stories of Mara is a slice-of-life visual novel set on the fictional island of Mara. In Chapter 1, players will take on the role of Akaji, the reluctant blacksmith. Throughout Chapter 1, she must seek help to find Koa – Summer in Mara’s protagonist – who has gone missing. Additionally, she must embark on a journey of self-discovery to not only find out who she is, but how to interact with those around her. Stories in Mara is all about the struggles and desires of a small group of people making their way on a lush tropical archipelago. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • Meet a colourful cast of characters including the ever chatty Noho, the adventerous Onzo and the childish Mayo
  • Experience three different endings across a two and half hour long journey
  • Delight in the calm and relaxing supernatural world of Mara
  • Immerse yourself in a beautifully drawn world inspired by Studio Ghibli films
  • Make deep bonds with those you meet by making the right choices
Stories in Mara - Gameplay
Image Credit – Chibig

Release Date & Price

Stories of Mara: Chapter 1 is available right now for free. You can pick it up either on Steam or More chapters are on their way. However, there is no information available on those yet.

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