Second Extinction

Second Extinction Comes to Early Access Next Week

Ever thought about what would happen if an abundance of mutated dinosaurs took over the planet and it was your job to kill them all and reclaim earth? Well, that is exactly what Second Extinction is.

Releasing in early access on October 13, Second Extinction is an intense multiplayer cooperative shooter with up to two friends. Your goal is to exterminate hordes of mutated dinosaurs which have taken over the planet.

Second Extinction
Second Extinction (Source)

Even though the game is releasing in early access, there is still plenty coming on day one. On launch, Second Extinction will have 4 different heroes, 10 weapons (with 5 upgrade tiers each), 6 missions and some special side quests, across the multiple regions of the map.

The team at Avalanche Studios have also released a roadmap so the player has an idea of the direction the game is heading. Ultimately, their mission is to work closely with the community to make the best game possible and they promise the community will be a pivotal part of the development process.

Second Extinction
Second Extinction Road Map (Source)

The Second Extinction: War Effort will be the most prominent feature in the early access metagame. The first map will be divided into 7 different regions. Each region contains three dynamically changing threat levels which will is be updated weekly.

The higher the threat level, the more unique mutations and volume of dinosaurs plaguing the region. Threat level 3 should only be attempted with three players, whereas level one could be handled solo. Your objectives and routes you take will alter with the increasing difficulties and one wrong turn, you could end up being extinct.

Second extinction is available now on Steam and will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It is also confirmed to be available with Xbox’s Smart Delivery system.


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